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12 Special Engagement Gifts Every Couple Will Love

Updated: Jan 19

View our simple and sentimental roundup of the best engagement presents.

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Why should we consider buying a gift for a friend’s engagement?

When it comes to ideas for engagement gifts, choosing the right present can actually be pretty tricky. That’s because a lot of the time, ideas for an engagement gift aren’t typically something we always consider - therefore our choices can be a little limited for this celebration. Of course, we’re all too familiar with the traditions of buying gifts for baby showers and weddings, but marking the occasion of a proposal with some gifts for the newly engaged is often overlooked. At Giant Bear, it’s no secret that we love any excuse for gift giving and spreading joy. This is why we think it should be much more of a ‘thing’ to think about buying engagement gifts for friends!

After all, an engagement is such a special cause for celebration, so wouldn’t it be lovely to put together some ideas for engagement presents that will show your friends or family members that you’re just as excited to celebrate their news as they are?

When it comes to choosing your engagement presents ideas, they don’t have to be anything super fancy. In fact, as we were putting together this piece, we realised that the best engagement gift ideas and unique engagement gifts are actually ones that are sweet, simple and sentimental - not necessarily extravagant or ultra expensive.

So, as your friends or family members prepare to tie the knot, it’s time for you to get ready to tie a beautiful big bow around a cute celebration gift for them. Now, without much further ado (or did we say “I do”?!) - here’s a list of twelve of the very best engagement gift ideas around, that will make the perfect engagement gifts for the couple you love.

Our top five engagement gifts that every couple will love:

In a rush to find some truly wonderful engagement gift ideas that you can order straight away? Here’s our quick roundup of some of our best gifts for engaged couples:

Giant Bear's pick of the best Engagement gift ideas for friends:

a gold bear sculpture

1. A sculpture from Giant Bear

Wondering what to get for an engagement gift for the lovebirds? Look no further, as our giant bears are not just ideal for Valentine’s Day but make spectacular engagement presents as well. Imagine the couple, enveloped in the euphoria of their commitment, embracing something equally heartwarming. Enter our magnificent giant bears! Handcrafted with precision and love, our life-sized bears are among the top engagement gifts from the UK, meticulously designed in our Giant Bear studio. Beyond their palpable charm, they offer a photo-op like no other, often becoming an Instagram sensation. Think of the bride-to-be flaunting her sparkling ring alongside her endearing new Giant Bear companion! But, why stop at one? Consider gifting matching bears for both the bride and groom, capturing their unique essence through customisations in style, size, and hue available at our online store. Now that's a distinctive engagement gift idea!

a wooden wedding fund box

2. Wedding fund money box

It’s hard for us all to not feel a little dizzy when we think about the possible soaring costs of a wedding. So when it comes to ideas for an engagement gift - why not choose something that’s not only cute, but practical as an engagement gift for the couple? We’re talking about this gorgeous engraved wedding fund money box from the bespoke gift site, Always Personal. This personalised engagement gift can help the happy couple to put away some of those extra pennies (or preferably £50 notes!) to make saving for their big day that little bit easier. This is one of those engagement gift ideas that is not only super thoughtful but super useful too.

a wedding keepsake library

3. A wedding keepsake library

Stuck for ideas for engagement presents that are outside the box? We’ve got you with this one. Let’s face it, on the big day most couples tend to lose a bunch of those beautiful wedding photos taken on those disposable cameras. Keepsakes like wedding invitations are often found crumpled and wine stained - and those extra special treasures like that hairpiece or flower crown the bride wore? Well, you’ll most likely find those all but forgotten in an attic box. Well, not with this gift! This wedding keepsake library from Uncommon Goods is a totally unique engagement gift idea, allowing you to preserve and organise all of those cherished items from the big day. This is perfect as an option for engagement gifts for friends who aren’t exactly organised and are often losing things. By opting for this as one of your engagement gift ideas, you’ll be helping the happy couple protect their most precious memories of the big day for years to come.

2 engraved champagne flutes

4. Engraved champagne flutes

When considering engagement presents for friends, this one is perfect for you guys to all raise a toast together! Ideas for engagement gifts don’t come more bespoke than a set of personalised champagne flutes for the bride and groom-to-be to commemorate this special milestone. And surely we can all agree that the best engagement gifts are ones that involve fancy champagne, right?! Head over to Getting Personal for even more ideas for engagement presents that have a personal touch.

a wooden framed map print of an engagement

5. Engagement framed map print

If you’re looking for ideas for engagement presents that mark a particularly special proposal location then this is the perfect gift for a friend’s engagement. Maybe your pal was proposed to on the top of the iconic Eiffel Tower? Or under the stars of their favourite camping spot? Wherever the momentous moment happened, why not mark it with a personalised and framed artwork map of their special spot? This is one of the best gifts for engaged couples who also love to hang special artwork on their walls at home.

a gift experience box with 2 prosecco glasses

6. Buy a gift experience

If you’re willing to splash a little extra cash on your engagement gifts for the couple, then this option offers a whole bunch of ideas for engagement gifts. An experiential gift experience box from John Lewis gives you a number of ideas for engagement presents that are activity-based and super fun. They have everything on offer from luxury spa days, Michelin dining, thrilling adventure days out, relaxing hotel stays and more - making this the perfect engagement gift for friends who love to get out and about.

a personalised bottle of prosecco with a glass next to it

7. Personalised photo prosecco

If champagne is a little out of your price range then fear not! Bottles of prosecco also make great engagement presents for friends, and let’s face it, can anyone really taste the difference? Ideas for engagement presents don’t come much more fun and personalised than this one. That’s because we’re talking about gifting a bottle of bubbly with a cute photo of the happy couple across the label! They certainly won’t be expecting that… This makes for a great personalised engagement gift that won’t break the bank but is still a great gift for a friend’s engagement that shows you’ve really thought hard about it. If you’re lucky you might even get to stick around for when they pop the cork!

8. Confetti-filled balloons

For those on a budget, here’s another one of our best ideas for engagement gifts that are super cute and pretty cheap to organise. If you’re looking for a gift for a friend’s engagement that will really bring the celebratory energy, it’s got to be balloons, right!? Nothing says party time quite like them. Sure, loads of people will have thought about getting typical engagement gifts for the couple, like boring flowers and chocolates - but with some confetti-filled balloons, you’ll be bringing the party vibes straight to their home for all to see and smile at. Check out these ones from Bubblegum Balloons that you can even get their name printed onto for a more personalised engagement gift option.

a pale green wedding planner book

9. Personalised wedding planner

So, we gave you our wedding keepsake library as the perfect idea for your scatterbrain friends. But what about the perfect engagement gift ideas for your super organised pals? When it comes to ideas for engagement presents for your orderly friends who love to plan - this is the very best of all engagement presents ideas for them. A personalised wedding planner is one of the most unique engagement gifts around, and one that can help the excited couple to get a plan of action rolling for the big day. It’s also a cute engagement present idea that they can both sit down and collaborate on, while enjoying the planning process together! Check out this gorgeous option from Not On The Highstreet.

a small dish with gold lettering

10. An engraved jewellery pot

This is one of those very simple, yet very sweet engagement gift ideas. Just a tiny, tasteful little keepsake pot that you can turn into one of the most perfect and practical engagement gifts for the couple. While many couples like to keep their wedding rings on most of the time, there are some times that either of them may have to pop their ring off - maybe to clean the bathroom or when they’re lifting weights at the gym? This little trinket holder could make a super practical gift for your friend’s engagement, as they can each pop their rings into this cute little tub and know they’re safe and sound on the bedside table. Pretty and practical!

a glass countdown calendar

11. A wedding countdown calendar

The ultimate gift for engaged couples - a countdown calendar to the big day, of course! Whether it’s a long engagement over a couple of years or a quick elopement they have planned, this gorgeous daily countdown calendar makes for one of the most perfect engagement presents for couples who are eagerly anticipating their walk down the aisle. You can even make this a personalised engagement gift by customising the colour and style to match the decor of your friend’s home. Head over to Etsy for your pick of the best.

2 cream mugs with Mr & Mrs on.

12. Mr and Mrs Mugs

Let’s face it, we Brits love our cuppas just as much as we love our fiancé! With that in mind, these matching Mr and Mrs breakfast mugs from the famous Emma Bridgewater crockery collection are some of the loveliest engagement gifts from the UK around. They even have romantic lines from the traditional wedding vows engraved on one side of the pottery. These are perfect gifts for the newly engaged, as they’ll be able to save their mugs until the day after saying their “I dos” and take their first sip of morning tea or coffee together as hubby and wife!

So there you have it - our list of the best ideas for engagement presents that are sure to make a lasting impression. As we’ve said time and time again, it’s not always about choosing the most extravagant or expensive gifts for engaged couples - just as long as whatever present you choose, it ultimately comes straight from the heart. It may sound cheesy, but ultimately, the very best engagement gifts for the couple you can give is your love and support as a friend. *Awwww!*

Here at Giant Bear, we know that times are a little hard at the moment, especially when it comes to how much we’re tightening our purse strings. That’s why we’ve put together our list of engagement presents for friends with something to accommodate pretty much every budget. So, we really hope we’ve been able to give you some food for thought when it comes to truly special and unique ideas for engagement gifts.

Tip: Whatever you end up choosing for your engagement gifts for friends, you’re sure to get extra brownie points for wrapping your presents with care in some pretty gift wrap, complete with bow and ribbon! Oh and don’t forget to write the happy couple a little card or note too with a cute message inside.

Speaking of cute - did you know each of our sculptures here at Giant Bear come in a number of different colours? We also offer a range of sizes too, so if you choose a sculpture as one of your engagement gift ideas - you can customise it to your friend’s preferences. It’s these personal touches that make them simply the perfect option for your friend’s engagement gift ideas.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to say “I do” to the gift of your dreams and head over to our online store now.



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