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All fun and teddy bear games! Our guide to the best teddy bear activities

Updated: Jan 22

It’s time for hours of teddy bear fun and games with our guide to the best teddy bear party activities!

2 children at a party eating sandwiches

So you’ve finally decided to throw that teddy bear-themed party your little one has been bugging you for. And who better to come to for teddy-themed advice than us - the self-proclaimed experts!

We all know that no party would be complete without three key ingredients: cake, balloons and games! So, in keeping with our fury theme, we’ve put together a list of super fun teddy bear games for parties to keep the kids (and possibly even some of the adults!) entertained. From crafty teddy bear activities to outdoor bear games - there’s a ted-based bit of fun for everyone. So grab your Giant Bears, brown teddies, pink teddies and your small teddy bears - it’s time to get this bear party started!

giant bear scribble 50cm sculpture

1. Teddy bear hide and seek

An oldie but a goodie in our list of teddy bear games. To play the teddy bear hide and seek, one player will have to play the role of a bear and mark an area as the bear’s den. Next, the bear will close its eyes and count a certain number while the other players hide. Once the count is up, the bear will go and find the hiding players. The players have to try and reach the bear’s den without being spotted. The player who gets spotted first will be the bear in the next round. If all players reach the den safely, the kid who played the bear will have to repeat! The perfect teddy bear game for parties that have both adults and kids around.

2. Pin the nose on the teddy bear

For this teddy bear game, first you’ll need:

  • Cardboard

  • A pair of scissors

  • One marker pen

  • Brown paper

  • Drawing pin

This one involves a certain degree of teddy bear crafts! Cut out a teddy shape from the cardboard and make eyes with the marker. Draw a circle on the place where teddy’s nose will be. Cut a round shape from the brown paper and push the drawing pin through it. Blindfold each kid by turn and ask them to pin the nose on the teddy. The kid who reaches the closest will win. This is a simple teddy bear game for children which helps them to develop their skills! Speaking of developing their skills, check out our guide to the best toys to help with your child’s development.

3. Teddy bear race

This teddy game is super easy, and perfect if you’re hosting your party in the garden. Simply ask all kids to stand with their teddy placed tight between their knees and stand in a line. The kids have to run with the teddy between their knees. The kid who reaches the finish line first will win! This is definitely one of the more active teddy bear activities, so your granny might want to sit this one out!

3 brown teddy bears looking at a map

4. Teddy bear hunt

Teddy bear games for parties don’t get more competitive than this! Why not turn your teddy bear picnic into a hunting ground for tasty treasure? Simply hide some of your guest's favourite sweets and chocolate snacks in different areas of the park you’re in, or your backyard. Or for an even better spin on this teddy bear activity, you could even hide a selection of cute mini teddy bears for your guests to find.

5. Guess the name of the teddy bear

With this teddy game you should have one prize bear available to ‘win’. Give it a name and write it down along with other names. If you’re struggling to think of a name, why not check out our blog on naming your bear! Ask people to donate to the ‘guess the name’ teddy bear activity putting their name alongside their guesses. Once the grid is complete, the real name is revealed, and the winner takes the teddy home from your teddy bear party! Oh and while we’re talking about bear names - why not check out our list of bear names for more inspo on what to call your new furry friend?

chrome 50cm giant bear sculpture

6. “Big bear, are you hungry?!”

A favourite easy teddy bear game. An adult is the bear and stands at one end of the yard. The kids are at the other end of the yard. The kids yell together, “Big Bear, Big Bear, are you hungry?” to which the bear will say “No, not really, come closer”. The kids will all come a little closer and ask the question again. This happens over and over, until the bear finally answers “Yes!” At this point, they will try to tag as many children as possible and they become bears too. Then the teddy bear activity starts over with the new bears on one side of the yard and the other kids at the other side of the yard. The perfect teddy bear games for a party of giddy kids!

3 teddy bears reading a book

7. Goldilocks and the three bears

If you’ll have younger guests at the party, reading this story, doing the story as a puppet show or even having older kids act it out as a skit will be super fun teddy bear activity to keep all the little kids entertained. As far as teddy bear games for parties go, this sure is a wholesome one!

8. Bees to the honey pot

It’s time for a bit of teddy bear crafts! For this teddy bear game, simply decorate some small flower pots or buckets to look like honey pots. Make some bees out of small yellow juggling balls onto which you have stuck some eyes and see who can throw the most bees into the pots. You could also use yellow tennis balls but they do tend to bounce all over the place!

Tip: You might also consider setting up a teddy bear crafts corner at your party. Here you could have activity teddy bear colouring in book station. Check out our blog on how to draw a teddy bear.

9. Teddy bear paws

This teddy bear game involves sitting the kids in a circle and giving each one a teddy bear paw made from brown felt. The kids then all place the paw behind them on the floor. Choose someone to be the Teddy bear that is looking for his paw. Sit all the other kids in a circle and the Teddy bear must get up and walk around them until suddenly he grabs one paw. He must then run around the outside of the circle and back to his place before the paw-less person catches him.

vogue 50cm giant bear sculpture

10. Teddy bear parade

Not a fan of teddy bear crafts and looking for a low-key easy teddy bear game? The teddy bear parade is the answer! Because who says teddy bears should be kept on the shelf or on top of a bed? Give them their day in the sun (or at least the hallway) by throwing them their own parade. The kids can dress them up, and even make “floats” for their bears using things like wagons or larger toy trucks. Then stick on some music (perhaps something involving a marching band) and let the parade begin! The perfect teddy bear games for parties to finish off the day…

So there you have it, our ultimate guide to every teddy bear activity and teddy bear game you can imagine to get your bear party off to a fury-good start!

Here at Giant Bear, we love advising our customers and readers on all things bear-related. Head over to our blog for our more detailed guide on how to throw the ultimate teddy bear picnic. And of course, you can’t turn up to a teddy bear party without a bear! Bringing a Giant Bear with you is sure to make you the talk of the get together - so head over to our online shop today and browse through our adorable range of hand-crafted, life-size bears.

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