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Eight of the best gift ideas for her

Updated: Jan 22

Whether it’s a gift for the wife, girlfriend, or best female friend, it’s always a tough call to know what present is best – take a look at our top ideas that will hit the spot.

A female with 3 gifts tied with ribbons in her arms

What’s the best thing to gift a girl?

Sadly, there’s no one-answer-fits-all to this question, and great ideas for gifts for her can be hard to come by! Whether it’s gifts for the wife, your girlfriend, or a best female friend, it’s always a tough call to know what present is best and which gift ideas for her special occasion will hit the spot.

When the book “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” was written, the author certainly wasn’t wrong! If you’re a guy searching for the perfect gift ideas for her, it can sometimes feel as if guys and gals are from two totally different planets. And while gifting your favourite lady a new Playstation or some football match tickets might sound like the perfect present for you - your other half might feel a little differently… But where do you start when it comes to choosing the right gift ideas for your girlfriend?

We’re so saturated with suggestions and ideas for birthday presents for her these days, it can be a real minefield to find and select the perfect presents. Luckily for you, the gifting experts here at Giant Bear have put together a list of ideas for birthday presents for her, helping you to narrow down your selection. Or if you’re feeling super generous, you can get her the whole lot!

a rose gold giant bear sculpture

1.A majestic sculpture from Giant Bear

While we may be partial, we truly believe that one of the most unique and thoughtful gifting ideas for her is a sculpture from Giant Bear. What's not to adore about these awe-inspiring, intricately crafted bear sculptures? As a gift idea for your girlfriend, presenting her with one of our Giant Bear sculptures signifies a gesture of sophistication, artistry, and appreciation for timeless beauty. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine's Day, a Giant Bear sculpture seamlessly fits any occasion, making her space truly special. With a range of designs and sizes, you can select the perfect sculpture that resonates with her personality and aesthetic preferences. Witness her eyes light up as she appreciates the craftsmanship and thought behind such a distinctive gift. Trust us when we say, it will leave a lasting impression, showcasing your impeccable taste and depth of sentiment. In the realm of gifts, a Giant Bear sculpture stands unparalleled. Look no further for the ultimate gift idea for her.

2 gold necklaces on a lady's neck

2. A unique piece of jewellery

Because when it comes to gift ideas for her - whether it’s gift ideas for her birthday, or just giving her a present for the heck of it - who doesn’t love a gorgeous piece of jewellery? Getting an item with a bit of sparkle is the perfect way to make your girl’s special day - especially if you’ve chosen a piece that’s as unique as she is. The key to selecting the perfect jewellery gifts for the wife is to try to match the items to her personality. You want to make a bold statement but also make it versatile enough for her to wear with any outfit. Heading over to Missoma is a great place to start, as they do beautifully unique pieces that are sure to bring out her unique sparkle. They also do cute jewellery cases, so she can keep all of her favourite gifts from you in one safe place. Tip: this is one of the most perfect presents for an anniversary or Valentine’s gift!

3. A personalised birthday hamper

When it comes to gift ideas for your girlfriend, going for dinner or a fancy day out isn’t always an option - so why not create her a super special birthday or anniversary treat at home? Fill a cute box or even a straw hamper with everything she needs to enjoy a cosy night in. Whether it’s loaded with her favourite snacks, chocolates, or champaign - she’ll love that you’ve created her the ultimate stay-at-home date experience and been creative with your gifting ideas for her. You can even go one step further and set up a romantic at-home-picnic situation that is sure to surprise her. This one makes a truly unique present for her birthday that she won’t forget.

4. A spa experience

Looking for birthday gift ideas for her that won’t cost the earth? This one's for you. Most girls absolutely love to feel pampered, so why not check out if there are any nearby spas you can rock up at for some treatments and TLC? As far as birthday presents for her go, this is a pretty classy one. Plus, if you look hard enough, especially on websites that offer discounts, you’ll probably be able to nab a great little package deal for both of you. So everyone’s a winner with this gift idea for her! It’s time to pop the cucumber on your eyes and recline in your chair…

someone sat under a grey fluffy blanket, drinking from a white mug

5. A snuggly blanket

Gift idea for her number five is as comforting and snuggly as they come. Stuck for birthday present ideas for her this year? Well, if your gal loves cuddling (and let’s face it, who doesn’t!) why not step it up a notch and give your girlfriend a gorgeously thick weighted blanket that’s perfect for those lazy days on the couch or late mornings spent in bed? The Anthropologie Nathalie Lete Velvet Throw Blanket is the queen of huggable blankets, and a perfect addition to your stash of birthday presents for her.

6. A wine delivery subscription

Stuck for ideas for birthday presents for her that are a little bit outside the box? Well, if your special lady is a wine lover, she’ll absolutely love this birthday gift idea for her. A wine delivery subscription service, like this one from Shop Cuvee is sure to hit the right notes! As far as ideas for gifts for her go, this is a quirky and unique one. They specialise in natural wines with bottles that look super pretty and cool - just like your girl! There’s also an online deli store, so you can add on a couple of extra nibbly bits to go with her favourite bottle. Then just sit back and relax as the wine is delivered straight to your doorstep once a month! This is definitely one of our most tasty gifting ideas for her birthday.

a constellation star map

7. A custom star map

This is a gift idea for her that will definitely make your girlfriend cry happy tears. For this present, you simply enter the time and place of an important event in your relationship; your first kiss, where you first met, your first date, the first time you said, “I love you” - you get the picture! After you enter the time and place, a map of the stars will be calculated straight away. As far as gifting ideas for her go, this one is pretty darn romantic, wouldn’t you agree?

8. Pocket positivity

If your girl is looking to get more involved in their self-care, then these positive affirmation cards are the perfect gift idea for her to put her in the right direction. We get it - the whole ‘looking yourself in the mirror and saying inspirational things’ doesn’t come naturally to everyone and can feel kind of cheesy. But, with a high-quality deck of 52 affirmation prompts your girlfriend will be able to build their confidence and really turn their self-care routine up a notch. Plus, you’ll get extra brownie points for selecting one of those birthday present ideas for her that shows just how much you care for and support her.

So there you have it! Our round-up of the top gift ideas for her birthday or special occasion that your number one girl is sure to love. Listen, we know that being a significant other isn’t always easy - especially when it comes to choosing the perfect present or gifting ideas for her that are genuinely from the heart. So hopefully this list of gift ideas for her has helped you to narrow down the search for gifts for the wife or girlfriend.

Take a look at our amazing life size bears to find the perfect bear that is great when it comes to ideas for gifts for her and is guaranteed to be one of the best gift ideas for her you’ll ever have. Whether it’s a present for her birthday, or indeed any occasion at all, our bear sculptures are the perfect presents, and should be a go-to whenever you’re brainstorming ideas for gifts for her in the future…



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