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Expensive Figurines: The World of Valuable Sculptures and the Appeal of Giant Bear Statues

Updated: Jan 22

In the enchanting world of collectibles and art, expensive figurines hold a special place. These pieces, often seen as the pinnacle of luxury and artistic expression, range from historical sculptures to modern art collectibles. Scattered throughout the homes of the rich and famous, limited edition and rare sculptures can fetch mega money at auction!

A stone stone and Chrome Giant Bear sculpture

In this article, we'll explore what makes these figurines worth their asking price and resale values, and compare the leading brands to the more accessible yet equally captivating Giant Bear sculptures.

What Makes a Figurine Valuable?

a black and multicoloured kaws sculpture

The value of figurines can be determined by factors such as historical significance, rarity, artist reputation, and material quality. Expensive figurines often come from renowned artists or limited editions, increasing their worth over time. One of the most expensive figurines available at the moment is rumoured to be the KAWS 4 Foot Dissected Companion Vinyl Sculpture, which will set you back a whopping £1,410,000, there was only ever 100 made making it an extremely rare acquisition.

Iconic Expensive Figurines

 The world has seen numerous high-valued sculptures, with some fetching staggeringly high resale values at auctions. These include classic masterpieces, modern art sculptures, and sought-after collectibles like Bearbricks.

Giant Bear Sculptures: An Affordable Luxury

Giant Bear sculptures provide an accessible entry into the world of art collecting. These bear sculptures, while more affordable than some of their more expensive counterparts, do not compromise on quality, craftsmanship, or artistic appeal.

Giant bears are available in 3 different sizes, starting at a modest 50cm, they are also available in both 135cm and a truly massive 165cm! Each size features a range of different designs and finishes to choose from. Collectors, keep your eyes peeled as limited edition pieces do pop up every now again too!

Why Choose Giant Bear?

Giant Bear statues offer a unique blend of artistic expression and interior design versatility. Their unique art designs make them a perfect addition for any luxury interior design, offering a great value for money option for art enthusiasts. Visit our inspiration page for a plethora of handy guides for help with styling tips, picking the perfect size for your room and even naming your Giant Bear!

a man sitting crossed legs holding a paint pallet

The Appeal of Bear Sculptures

Bear sculptures have a unique charm, making them popular in the realm of expensive figurines. Brands like Bearbrick have capitalised on this, creating highly coveted but sometimes pricey collectibles. Giant Bear are not only better value for money than other expensive figurines available on the market, but they are also far superior in terms of craftsmanship and sustainability. Each Giant Bear Sculpture is handcrafted by skilled artisans which ensures that no two bears are exactly alike. Unlike the mass-produced nature of Bearbricks, Giant Bears are made from sustainably sourced materials, emphasising not just aesthetics but also ethical responsibility.

Bearbrick: A High-End Collectible

 Bearbrick figurines have become synonymous with luxury collectibles. Known for their limited editions and collaborations with famous artists, these bear figures have garnered a significant following in the collector market. The resale of Bearbrick figurines can vary, however a well looked after limited edition, collaboration bear can set you back as much as $121,000.

Top 3 Most Expensive Bearbrick Figurines.

  1. Channel (Coco Channel) 1000%

  2. BAPE x Readymade 1000%

  3. My First Bearbrick - Baby Space Version 1000%

Investment Potential in Bear Sculptures

Collecting bear sculptures, including those from Giant Bear, can be more than just an aesthetic choice; it can be a wise investment. Certain editions, especially limited releases, can increase in value over time. Plus, a collection of Giant Bear unique artistic sculptures is a great addition to all interior designs, and is sure to give your guests something to talk about!

a 2 giant bear sculptures facing each other inside a house

Expensive figurines, from historical sculptures to modern collectibles like Bearbricks, represent the high-end of art collecting. However, Giant Bear sculptures offer an affordable yet luxurious alternative. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a novice in the art world, these sculptures provide a perfect blend of beauty, value, and artistic expression. Visit our online store and start your unique collection today!

For more insights into unique art and interior design tips, visit Giant Bears. Explore our range of bear sculptures that offer luxury at an accessible price point, proving that you don't have to break the bank to own a piece of art history.




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