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Fifteen Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Friends

Updated: Jan 22

We've rounded up the most unique birthday gift ideas for your friends in 2024.

A pink gift box wrapped in a gold ribbon

Have you ever heard the saying “there’s no such thing as a selfless act”? Well, we think whoever first coined that phrase must have been talking about how good it feels to give a present to a friend! Sure, thinking up gift ideas for friends and handing your loved ones presents is going to make them feel special - but seeing the joy and gratitude on their faces is sure to give you a big boost too! Whether you’re searching for graduation gift ideas, baby shower gift ideas, 30th birthday gift ideas or even for the perfect gift for a newly engaged couple in your life - spreading the joy with gifts for your friends is always a lovely thing to do.

Our top gift ideas for friends

Here’s a quick summary of our top five gift ideas for best friends. Whether you’re on the lookout for gifts for friends who are girls, handmade gift ideas or cute or funny gift ideas - we’ve got something in this blog that covers every gifting base…

The perfect gift ideas for best friends birthday

When it comes to birthday gift ideas for friends, there’s no end to the possibilities you have to choose from - both shopping online and in-store. One of the most common occasions we’ll find ourselves buying gifts for our pals is for their birthday. So here, we’ve rounded up some of the most perfect gift ideas for best friends' birthdays that we could find, to make the gift giving journey for you a much easier one this year!

a chrome giant bear sculpture

1.A sculpture from Giant Bear

Nothing showcases your appreciation for a friend quite like the timeless elegance of a Giant Bear sculpture. That's why we believe our grand Giant Bear sculptures are the ultimate gift ideas for your closest friends. In terms of unique gift ideas, presents simply don't get more sophisticated and enduring. If you're searching for gifts for friends who appreciate art, why not surprise them with one of our beautifully crafted sculptures? Or perhaps your friend has recently revamped their space, and you believe a striking Giant Bear sculpture would be the centerpiece of their decor? Regardless of their preferences, gifting one of our Giant Bear sculptures is a stellar gift idea for your friends in the UK.

4 gold necklaces with tarot card pendants.

2. Tarot Card Pendant Necklace

Looking for cute jewellery gift ideas for friends that are girls? Well, look no further than this beautiful golden, perfect necklace. This would be a really special gift idea for that best friend who loves all things fortune. The unique necklace features a small card-shaped pendant, detailed with a blackened tarot card design in the centre, with the tarot card name underneath. The reverse of the pendant is laser engraved with your own personalisation and attached to a delicate trace chain, creating a sentimental personalised jewellery piece for gifting. This is a cute gift idea for any friend that’s ready to embrace their mystical side…

2 terrarium candles one with cacti and one with a flower

3. Terrarium Candle

We all have those friends who are particularly wholesome, don’t we? You know, the ones who’d prefer Netflix and a cuppa to a wild night out. They probably also love a bit of gardening and definitely lighting a candle or two and getting cosy. If this description sounds familiar then we have the perfect gift idea for your best friend who loves the stay-at-home life. These cool candles bring the beauty of pottering in the garden into the comfy indoors with their cute design. They also smell amazing too, with their soy wax mixed with premium fragrance oil. This is the perfect handmade gift idea for a friend, as each candle is hand-poured by the designer herself.

a white and red friend journal book

4. Dear Friend Journal

This makes for a really great gift idea for a best friend's birthday if your pal is the reflective type. This is a beautiful fabric and gold foil blocked memory journal, filled with over 60 fun and inspiring questions, carefully compiled to make it easy for your close friend or relation to tell their story and share their wonderful memories and aspirations with you. It’s a priceless gift, and some receivers even like to return it to the sender once completed so they can discover more about them! We think this is a truly unique and special birthday gift idea for friends in the UK.

a photo inside a record store, showing boxes of full records

5. Their favourite record

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for friends who are girls or boys, there’s one thing most of us universally have in common - our love of music, of course! So birthday gift ideas for friends can sometimes be as simple as popping into your local record store and picking up their favourite tune on vinyl. There’s something about vinyl that feels super special and almost like a piece of history, making it a super cute gift option for your friend’s birthday this year.

What is trending as the top personalised gift ideas for friends?

We’ve taken a look at some of the best personalised birthday and general gift ideas for friends around right now, so you can keep one step ahead of the gifting game! Whether it’s gift ideas for friends in the UK or a special something for friends who live far away - we’ve got you covered with these cute and personalised gift ideas.

a green friendship story timeline image, with white text

1. Friendship Story Print

Tell the story of your friendship together with this personalised and handmade gift idea for a friend. Each print features a unique timeline including significant events and memories you wish to cherish or give as a personalised gift idea for your best friend that they definitely won’t be expecting!

a green book with "why you're my bestie" in white text

2. Why You’re my Bestie Book

Whether this is a gift idea for a best friend’s birthday or simply a quirky and funny gift idea for a friend who needs a little pick me up. This little book contains fill-in-the-blank lines to describe why your best pal is the bomb. Simply complete each line and voilà and you’ll have a uniquely personal gift a BFF will read again and again whenever they need cheering! The best part is you can make it as silly or sweet as you choose. This pressie really is proof that some of the best gift ideas for friends are the ones that can have you both laughing together like school kids…Even if it’s your 80th birthday gift!

a golden ring with 6 multicoloured stones

3. Marvel X Pandora Infinity Ring

So we’ve already established every friendship group has a friend who’s into the mystical, a friend who’s into the stay-at-home life - but what about the perfect gift idea for best friends that are Marvel obsessives?! Well, we have just the answer for them. This Marvel X Pandora infinity ring is the best gift idea for friends who are girls that know their Captain America from their Doctor Strange…

a box containing colourful gifts and a white card with "missin You"

4. Long Distance Friendship Box

This long distance friendship box is the perfect gift idea for a best friend that you don’t really see as often as you like. This cute idea is great if you’re missing that someone special. It could be a bestie or a cool aunt. This handmade gift idea for a friend is a super thoughtful gesture that says "I'm thinking of you!".

a black record made into a display with a play button

5. Personalised Records Display

This perfect birthday gift idea for a friend is something truly special and unique for your loved one. It’s a great way to creatively display a special melody that means something to them, or even both of you. Maybe it’s their first dance song for their wedding, or a song you know cheers them when they’re having a bad day. Whatever song you choose, the special melody is bound to bring back happy moments for them, every time they look at this one-of-a-kind gift idea from a friend.

Great gift ideas for friends when you’re on a budget

You shouldn't have to feel that all gift ideas for your best friends need to be on the pricey side - especially with the rising costs of just about everything these days. That’s why we’re about to give some inspiration on some handmade gift ideas for friends that you can create at home yourself - with no need to break the bank! Just as thoughtful, without the expense.

a homemade wooden hamper with various gifts inside

1. A homemade hamper

A good old personalised hamper is one of the most classic handmade gift ideas for friends that you can opt for. Putting a hamper together can also be such a fun experience for the gift giver too, which is why we think they’re a great gift idea for a best friend’s birthday - or any other occasion for that matter! The beauty of the hamper is that you can fill it with whatever you want (or rather, whatever your friend will want!) Whether that’s jars of your speciality home-made jam, a hamper full of pamper treats, or a care package filled with funny gift ideas such as old photos of you both - this bespoke gift idea for your best friend is sure to hit the spot. Plus, because it’s you that’s putting it together, you get to control the cost!

an Ariel view on a lady on a green sofa reading a book

2. Make a bookworm happy

Thank goodness that, even though everything else seems to be going up, books are still pretty cheap! For around £10 you can still pick up a classic novel that your bookworm friend will love - or perhaps that autobiography of their favourite celeb? Whether they’re into their Harry Potter or their Ernest Hemmingway - there’s a book for everyone that will make a great gift idea for your friend.

a black framed image containing lots of photos of people and the word "friends" above

3. A Friends Picture Collage

Looking for funny gift ideas for your best friend? Or a really cute gift idea that will leave them with a massive smile on their face? Well, why not put together a friendship collage of all of your best picture perfect moments and pop it in a frame? This is a brilliant budget friendly gift idea for your best friend, and the perfect way to showcase all of those laugh out loud and super sentimental moments you guys have had together over the years.

white paper, a black pen and purple flowers

4. Write them a letter

Fancy yourself as someone who has a bit of a way with words? Well why not put your talent to great use and get some pen to paper. The subject? How great your bestie is, of course! If you’re not flush with cash lately, that doesn’t mean your pressie has to be any less special. This birthday gift idea for your friend has the opportunity to be really sentimental and special to them. Maybe your letter can be a list of all the reasons you love them? Perhaps it can be a funny letter that takes you both on a trip down memory lane? Whatever its contents, as long as it comes from the heart - it’s sure to mean an awful lot to them. If handmade gifts are your thing, you could even write out your letter on some special, personalised stationery!

an Ariel photo of someone baking

5. Bake their favourite sweet treat

We think we’ve saved one of the best until last here! Come on, who doesn’t love a sweet baked treat?! Even our very own Big Ted bears are partial to a bit of cake at their teddy bear picnics! If you’re on a budget for your pal’s birthday this year, why not volunteer to bake their cake instead? All you'll need is a couple of quid for the basic ingredients to a classic Vicky sponge! As far as low-budget gift ideas for friends go, we think this one is most definitely the sweetest (and cheapest) deal!

So, there you have it! Our ultimate guide to gift ideas for friends in 2024. We hope that we’ve helped you to cover a lot of bases here - from gift ideas for friends that are girls to gift ideas for long distance friends, to birthday gift ideas for friends of every interest.

No matter what those interests are, can we all agree that one thing we all have in common is the joy we feel from recieving one of our giant bear sculptures. So, no matter if your friends are old or young - boys or girls, they’ll all be guaranteed to fall in love with one of our creations.

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