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Five Cute Ideas for An Anniversary Gift

Updated: Jan 22

Searching for the perfect anniversary gift can feel overwhelming so we’ve rounded up a selection of the best options for you – guaranteed to make your loved one smile.

A happy anniversary cake topper next to cherries

Where do you start with ideas for an anniversary gift?

The million-dollar question! Luckily, we have just the answers for anyone stuck for ideas for a special anniversary gift. Celebrating your first year of marriage or your first major relationship milestone means reflecting on all the memories you’ve created together from this big day onward. And what better way to mark this special day than by giving your partner a special gift?

With so many ideas for an anniversary gift to choose from, narrowing down the search for the perfect anniversary gift for a girlfriend can feel overwhelming. While the traditional first wedding anniversary gift is paper (pft… boring!) remember that you don’t have to stick to old-fashioned rules. This is 2024, after all! What it’s all about is choosing any anniversary gift for girlfriend that’s sure to make your loved one smile. The best anniversary gift ideas are ones that come straight from the heart - so before you start worrying about having to splurge the cash or do anything extravagant, remember first that no matter what you choose in the end - the best anniversary gift is will be simple, sweet and thoughtful.

So without further ado, let’s crack on with our list of top five anniversary gifts for your girlfriend. With so many ideas for anniversary gifts all in one blog, we’re pretty sure you’re bound to find more than a little inspiration from the gifting experts here at Giant Bear…

Our unique anniversary gift ideas for her

a multicoloured Giant Bear sculpture

1.A timeless gift from Giant Bear

When pondering anniversary gift ideas for her, consider the everlasting elegance and charm of our Giant Bear sculptures. These sculptures encapsulate the essence of timeless devotion and are a magnificent representation of the enduring love you share. After all, what better way to say "I cherish our time together" than with a majestic, artfully crafted sculpture? Before finalising your anniversary gift choices, visit our website and explore our expansive collection to find the ideal Giant Bear sculpture that resonates with your beloved. While we might be a tad partial, we genuinely believe our sculptures are the epitome of the perfect anniversary gift.

Sheet music in a pale wooden frame

2. Framed sheet music of her favourite song

As far as anniversary gift ideas for her go, this one will be music to her ears - or *technically* music to her eyes. Yep, this ingenious anniversary gift idea involves turning the sheet music of a special song into a gorgeous framed piece of art that she can hang in the home. Maybe you’ll pick the favourite tune that reminds you of her, or perhaps opt for the song that was playing when you walked down the aisle or in the restaurant on your first date together? Whatever you pick, this anniversary gift idea for her is definitely a cute and thoughtful one she won’t have been expecting. Head over to Blim and Blum to find out more about this super sweet anniversary gift for your girlfriend.

a cardboard hamper box with stuffing and silk scrunchies and body cream

3. A monthly subscription box

Whether your gal is an avid reader or a total beauty addict, these days there’s a subscription box for pretty much everything she loves! This means great news for all of you out there struggling with anniversary gift ideas that have a slightly more personal touch. Take this book subscription for example. This personalised anniversary gift means that each month, your lady will receive a new piece of fiction through the post, as well as a handful of book-themed self-care goodies. It's a great way for her to broaden her horizons with new reading material while also taking some me-time. Plus, as it’s a year-long subscription, she’s technically getting twelve different first wedding anniversary gifts. And let’s face it, twelve gifts are always better than one!

a wooden box with engraving on

4. A personalised bottle of bubbly

There are lots of ways to celebrate an anniversary, but one ritual that's stood the test of time is toasting the milestone with a good bottle of wine. And this special anniversary gift for girlfriend will allow you and your Mrs to do just that! But what makes clinking glasses such a special way to commemorate a marriage or relationship? Well, it all comes down to the wine you pick out. There's a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right bottle for this anniversary gift for your girlfriend - including the type of wine, the year it was produced and where it was made. Or you could just throw caution to the wind and pick one with the prettiest label… Either way, personalising the box your bottle arrives in is certainly a super thoughtful anniversary gift idea that she’s sure to appreciate if she’s a lady who loves her vino. Plus, who wouldn’t love a personalised anniversary gift with their name on it?!

5. Newspaper front page

The biggest news on the day you were married? Well, your wedding obviously! This is a seriously cute first wedding anniversary gift that you can gift her to commemorate the best day of your lives. While it may not have made the front page of the Times or Daily Mail, you can see what else happened on your special day with a personalised and framed front page edition which features the date you both said: “I do”. This is definitely one of the best wedding anniversary gift ideas if you and your partner both have a love of history too, as you’ll be able to look back in anniversaries to come and see just how much the world around you has changed...

First-anniversary gifts you can both enjoy

1. Date night cards

These date night cards come with 52 cards which will give you a fun and creative weekly date idea for a whole year! With fun wedding anniversary gift ideas like this one, who says romance and dates should stop just because you’re married?!

2. Couples bucket list book

This anniversary gift to the wife is yet another one that can bring you both some joy! After all, one of the best things about being in a relationship that has lasted the test of time is knowing you can plan more exciting milestones, activities and adventures for the next year to come. And what better way to document all of these romantic hopes and dreams than in your very own couples bucket list book, just like this one from Zazzle. This is also the best anniversary gift if you’re a couple who loves to stay organised and thrive off a bit of planning. Romance isn’t always about spontaneity!

3. Romantic mini break

Who doesn’t love a holiday? This idea is one to think about if you’re determined to plan something extravagant and boujee for your first anniversary gift. Maybe you’ve got a little cash saved up and you’re finally planning on treating the wife to a wedding anniversary gift for her that she’ll never forget - like that Paris you’ve always talked about? Or maybe even something more low-key like a wild camping weekend in the rolling English countryside? Whatever your travel plans, one thing’s for sure - this anniversary gift for your girlfriend or wife is one that you’ll most definitely be able to get excited about too!

Why is a sculpture from Giant Bear the best first anniversary gift?

With the myriad of choices available for anniversary gifts, the decision can be overwhelming. However, at Giant Bear, we streamline the process for you with our meticulously curated collection of elegant sculptures.

We believe that our intricately designed and high-quality Giant Bear sculptures are among the most profound and thoughtful gifts you can present to your wife or girlfriend on your anniversary. Every time she gazes upon the sculpture, she'll be reminded of the timeless bond and memories you both share.

rose gold giant bear 50cm sculpture

So, why wait? Dive into our exceptional online store today to discover the perfect Giant Bear sculpture for your loved one. Our collection not only spans a range of designs and sizes, but we also offer bespoke customisation options to further personalize your gift. Once you choose one of our exquisite sculptures, you won't need to look any further for that ideal anniversary gift.



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