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Giant Bear's festive guide to the most memorable Christmas gifts for kids

Updated: Jan 22

A round-up of the best kids presents your little ones will love for Christmas.

a young boy cuddling a dinosaur in front of.a Christmas tree

Make Christmas 2024 the year you gift the most memorable presents

Believe it or not, the most wonderful time of the year is nearly upon us! With just a few weeks to go before the big day, you’re probably well into the swing of your festive shopping for the kids by now - right?! And, well… if you’re not - it’s time to shake a leg! Believe us when we say some of the best children’s toys sell out quicker than you can say jingle bells.

When it comes to kids gifts for Christmas, it’s fair to say that year after year we’re pretty spoiled for choice. But too much choice can all too often lead to us being in a bit of a festive pickle when choosing which gifts for kids for Christmas to fill those stockings with.

Here at Giant Bear, we fancy ourselves as the gifting experts - so it’ll come as no surprise that we have a lot of thoughts about which kid’s Christmas gifts you should be checking out for the festive season of 2024. You’re probably sick of seeing the same old Christmas gift ideas for kids on the same old blogs. So instead of offering up another list of instantly forgettable options, we’re here to offer some gifts for kids for Christmas that you little-uns will, not only love - but truly remember opening for many Christmases to come.

Our list of memorable kids gifts for Christmas

From giant bears to fancy tea party sets - we’ve rounded up an assortment of Christmas presents for kids that have something in there for children of all ages and interests. So strap into Santa’s sleigh for our whistle-stop tour of the very best memorable pressies of 2024!

a Giant Bear sculpture with ribbons and gifts

1.A Bear Sculpture from Giant Bear

Our sculptures aren’t just any ordinary sculptures...They’re majestic life-size Giant Bear Sculptures! And what do these grand sculptures promise? An awe-inspiring presence during the festive season, naturally! Whether you're thinking of adding an elegant white bear sculpture to your nephew's or daughter's room or a striking black bear masterpiece for that young art enthusiast in your life - our Giant Bear Sculptures make for the ultimate Christmas presents for kids. Because when you strip away the holiday excesses, you're left with the genuine spirit of the season - to spread love and joy to those around you. And let's be honest: what Christmas gift for kids can represent this sentiment better than a grand, striking, and unforgettable Giant Bear Sculpture?

a kids telescope

2. Build your own personalised telescope

Got a kid who’s always got their head in the clouds? Or how about one who’s always got their head in the stars? Well, if your little one is quite the budding astronomer then boy do we have the perfect Christmas present for kids for them! As seen on Channel 5's - The Gadget Show Christmas Countdown - this is an eco-friendly, personalised telescope that your kids will have great fun building themselves! As far as Christmas gifts for kids go, this one is educational, fun and will have them, quite literally, reaching for the stars…

a glass bowl of popcorn

3. Give a movie night in a box

Not all Christmas presents for kids have to be expensive to be special and memorable. If you’re looking to create a special experience on a budget for the little ones in your life then how about snuggling up for a cosy Christmas night with their favourite festive films? It’s time to bring the festive cinema experience to your very own living room! This can be as simple as wrapping a shoe box in festive gift wrap and filling it with your kid's favourite sweet treats, plus a DVD you know they’ll love. Then just grab a blanket for everyone to snuggle under and dim the lights! You could even get crafty and print fake cinema tickets off if you want to really push the boat out for the experience! This idea might not be a top Christmas toy - but it sure will be memorable.

a child drawing on a glow in the dark pillow

4. Glow sketch glow-in-the-dark doodle pillowcase dream cloud

Christmas presents for kids don’t get more unique than this! This Christmas gift for kids is perfect for any little ones who tend to be a little afraid of the dark - as well as being a top toy for Christmas for kids who love to indulge in their creative side. That’s because the Glow Sketch is an interactive pillow case that brings out your creativity and imagination at night. Using light you can draw, doodle, and play by charging up the unique luminescent ink on the pillow case. Then as the glow fades, your artwork will magically disappear leaving you with a clean canvas to create a whole new masterpiece - no mess, just fun! We think this is the perfect kid’s Christmas gift for toddlers in particular. You can also check out our toys for toddlers blog for inspo on even more gifts for your little ones.

a box containing a light up drone

5. A super cool light-up drone

Come on… what kid wouldn’t remember the unbridled joy of receiving their very first drone in their stocking?! This is the perfect Christmas gift for any kid who’s always running around outdoors and chasing the wind. However, now they can run alongside their very own cyber drone device! The illuminator also (unsurprisingly!) lights up, making it the perfect kids gift for Christmas and those dark winter months.

a cream vespa bike with a red seat

6. Kids Vespa bike

Okay, we’ll admit it - this is a boujee one! This junior Vespa bike is the perfect Christmas present for kids who might fancy themselves as a mini 007… Of course, it’s a little on the extravagant side - but this is a top toy for Christmas if you’re looking to really treat your favourite little person this year. But be warned - with kids gifts for Christmas like this one, you might be setting the bar a little high for next year!

a little global citizens subscription box

7. Little Global Citizens subscription box

With this Christmas gift for your kids, you can give your little ones the gift of the entire world! The Little Global Citizens box is the only subscription box that explores the history of countries throughout the planet and their cultures. Gifts for kids for Christmas simply don’t get more wholesome, educational and interesting. Not only will your children learn a lot about the world around them - they’ll also learn to foster a love for all of the people in it too. And isn’t that what Christmas is really all about?

a children's wooden barista machine

8. Barista in the making machine

So we’ve given you ideas for the mini astronomers and the mini gardeners… But what about those budding little baristas amongst us?! This Christmas present for kids is perfect if your little one is a big fan of a ‘Babycinno’. Of course, this kid's gift for Christmas won’t really make real coffee - but with their imaginations doing all of the mixing and stirring, we’re sure they won’t even notice…

a children's multicoloured tea party set

9. Fancy tea party set

Now this one is the perfect Christmas gift for kids who are eagerly anticipating the spring so they can set up their very own teddy bear picnic! This is another kids gift for Christmas that’s a little on the fancy side - but didn’t you know that their favourite teddies deserve only the very best fine china cups?! We joke… This boujee picnic set is actually made from hard-wearing plastic, and are totally safe for dishwasher cleaning - hurrah!

a young boy in a red jumper celebrating

10. A unique experience day

What could be more memorable than telling your little lad he’s off for a trip to Digger Land!? Or making your daughter’s dreams of attending Spy School come true? Remember that some of the best Christmas presents for kids don’t always have to come in physical form. In fact, gifting the gift of an experiential day is arguably the very best way to give them a present they’ll remember forever. So if you’re tired of buying the same old gifts for kids for Christmas - check out the Virgin Experience website - or have a quick Google of some cool days out your kids will love that are local to you.

rainbow coloured bagels with sprinkles inside

11. Rainbow bagel-making kit

This rainbow bagel-making kit is the perfect Christmas gift for kids who love to get crafty in the kitchen. Maybe you’ve got a couple of sprogs who love watching Bake Off and fancy themselves as the next Paul Hollywood? Well with this rainbow bagel-making kit, they can become bread-baking masters, worthy of a handshake from Mr Hollywood himself! This is also a great gift, not only for kids at Christmas - but for the adults too. Because let’s face it - what’s not to love about tasty bread that looks like a shimmering rainbow, no matter what age you are!

a baby blue candy floss maker

12. Home candy floss maker

With these Christmas gifts for kids, you can bring the funfair to your home with this fabulous Candy Floss Maker, ideal for birthday parties or family occasions that go way beyond just the festive period. One of the things we all remember about our childhood is the joy a sweet stick of candy floss used to bring us. So why not bring that memorable time back around for the whole family to enjoy together with these super nostalgic kids gifts for Christmas.

a pink smartwatch

13. A smartwatch you can call them on

Is it just us, or do all the kids these days seem to be asking for iPhones or Apple Watches? If you’re of the opinion your little one is still a little too young for ‘grown-up tech’ then why not meet them halfway with this Christmas gift for kids that emulates the real thing? The Xplora XGO 3 is able to make and receive calls from pre-saved numbers - making it the Christmas present for kids who want to feel all grown up, but have some years to go yet!

a white and blue children's director camera

14. A kid’s director's camera

Speaking of iPhones - are you kinda tired of your kids stealing yours to record videos on them while they pretend they’re Steven Spielberg? Well if so, this is one of those gifts for kids for Christmas that your kids are sure to absolutely love. This director style camera is a Christmas present idea for kids that lets them be both a movie star and a director. It’s one of those children’s Christmas gifts that will not only be memorable for them to receive, but will also allow them to make memorable home-movies of their own over the Christmas period - so you can all watch them back in the Christmases to come…

a kids dj mixer toy

15. A kids DJ mixer

This kids DJ mixer is the perfect gifts for kids for Christmas that is sure to make it a memorable one for any aspiring little DJs out there! Whether they’re mixing their favourite Christmas tunes or making up a beat of their own, this Christmas present idea for kids will definitely hit the right notes for any child who loves their music.

a brown interactive dog, children's toy

16. An interactive pet

It’s no secret that the ultimate Christmas presents for kids are fury friends. But there are a whole bunch of reasons why a real dog might be off the cards this year. So what about a compromise for those kids who are dog lovers? This Christmas present idea for kids is the perfect answer to your child’s puppy prayers! The large labradoodle interactive puppy responds to voice, touch and comes with an Interactive collar. Your pup can even communicate how it feels through custom emojis!

a little girl playing with a fairy garden toy

17. A grow-your-own fairy garden

Is your little one away with the fairies a lot of the time? If so then this is one of the best gifts for kids for Christmas you can give them! This Christmas present idea for kids is perfect for little ones who are fascinated by nature and enchantment. It features magical lights, musical sounds, bridges and many other play pieces, and can even be linked to other My Fairy Garden playsets with a cute little bridge!

a red bumper car

18. Their very own bumper car

Okay, we admit it - this Christmas present idea for kids has the potential to cause quite a bit of living chaos… But what’s Christmas without a dose of festive pandemonium?! As far as memorable kid’s Christmas gifts go, it’ll be hard to top this one. The Xootz Electric Bumper Car is the ultimate ride-on for kids older than two - allowing them to safely enjoy everyone’s fairground favourite in their very own living room!

19. An at-home ball pit

We think we may have saved the most extravagant and memorable Christmas present idea for kids until last with this one! The kiddy ball pit is one of those kid’s Christmas gifts options that is easier to set up than it looks, so you wont have to spend the whole of Christmas morning assembling it! Compact enough to fit in any kid's room and living room - this super fun and colourful ball pit won’t just bring hours of entertainment, but will also stimulate your children's imagination and self-development too.

So, there you have it! Our whistle-stop tour of some of the best and most memorable Christmas present ideas for kids - all fresh out of Santa’s workshop! Here at Giant Bear, we think it’s worth saying that when it comes to kid’s Christmas gifts this year - not to put too much pressure on yourselves when it comes to budget and spend. It’s been a tough year financially for many, so remember that no matter what children’s Christmas gifts you opt for, as long as there’s a tree and a room filled with family, friends and love - that’s what will always make for a truly memorable Christmas.

If you're still looking for more festive gifting inspo then why not check out the rest of our blogs? We’ve got ideas for Christmas ideas for her and Christmas gift ideas for friends too!

You can also have a read of why one of our Giant Bear Sculptures are the perfect pressie for anyone, on any occasion by checking out our gift a bear blog too! Remember: a Giant Bear is for life, not just for Christmas!



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