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Nine Special Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

Updated: Jan 22

Struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for her? View our top picks of 2024.

a gift wrapped in brown wrapping paper with candy canes on, and red ribbon.

Searching for Christmas gift ideas for her? We’ve got you covered!

A quick round-up of our top five Christmas gift ideas:

In a hurry for some quick Christmas gift for her ideas? We’ve got you covered with our five best picks when it comes to gift ideas for her at Christmas:

While you might think the festive season is still a good while off, we’re here to tell you that it’s never too early to get ahead of the game when it comes to thinking of some Christmas gift ideas for her. Let’s face it - there’s quite enough to be stressed about this year. Between the cost of living rocketing up and the busy pace of life showing no signs of slowing down - you’ll be doing yourself a big favour by getting one step ahead of the gifting game and thinking up some truly great gift ideas for her at Christmas this year.

Here at Giant Bear, we pride ourselves on being the masters of gift giving and perfect presents. So if you’re stuck for a Christmas gift idea for the special lady in your life this year - then look no further than this blog! With our help, Santa will not only be coming to town - he’ll also be bringing the best darn gifts with him this festive season!

So, grab a mince pie and get ready to do a spot of online shopping, with our list of the top ten Christmas gift for her ideas…

Giant Bear's pick of the best Christmas gift ideas for friends:

a black giant bear sculpture wearing a santa hat next to a Christmas tree

1.A Sculpture from Giant Bear

Move over traditional Christmas motifs – this festive season is all about the grandeur and elegance of Giant Bear sculptures! When considering Christmas gift ideas for friends, few things will add as much sophistication and timeless charm to their home as a Giant Bear sculpture. The holiday season is the perfect occasion to gather around the fireplace, sipping on some mulled wine, and appreciating art and beauty. And what could be a more captivating centerpiece for such moments than a meticulously crafted Giant Bear piece?

Trust us when we say our art pieces are the ideal Christmas gift idea for both him and her. If you're searching for the ultimate Christmas present, delve into our list of compelling reasons why gifting a Giant Bear sculpture is a brilliant choice for anyone on your list!​

the contents of a beauty subscription box. items are in pale pink boxes

2. A beauty box subscription

As far as gift ideas for her at Christmas go - you can’t ever really go wrong with something beauty based. Because as much as we love cuddling up on the sofa at Christmas - not everything around the festive season is about getting cosy. There are also more parties and socialising going on than we can shake a candy cane at! And for many of the ladies out there, this means a lot of time spent perfecting their Christmas party ‘lewks’. If that sounds like your gal, then this beauty box subscription from Beauty Pie could be the perfect Christmas gift for her idea. This is a great idea for a Christmas gift if she’s into her skincare, makeup or self-care. Plus, it’s technically many gift ideas for her at Christmas wrapped up into one, as you can opt for an ongoing subscription box to be delivered to her door, all year round!

a black book with the text "you are so awesome" in white and gold text

3. ‘You Are So Awesome’ book of inspiration

If you’re looking for an idea for a Christmas gift that shows the lady in your life just how great you think she is - this book will have you covered from the moment she sets eyes on the front cover! This inspirational little book is full of uplifting and positive quotations from celebrities, sportsmen, famous actresses, poets and many more. It’s the perfect gift idea for her at Christmas if you’re keen to give her a confidence boost going into the new year! Not only will these quotes and lines of encouragement spur her into action and feel like a high five, but they’re also beautifully displayed on monochrome geometric backgrounds with gold lettering, making it a great Christmas gift for her that’ll look lovely on her coffee table.

a Lush festive body wash set with a neon pink theme labelling

4. Lush festive kit

When we think of the perfect gift ideas for her at Christmas, there’s one place that can always be counted on delivering a present your lady will love - Lush of course! We can’t think of a more popular Christmas gift for her idea than one of their iconic bath bombs. But why stop at one bomb when there are a bunch of festive bath sets to get your hands on? Like this hugely popular ‘Fairy Christmas’ gift set, which includes their most popular Christmas products. This one is also the perfect Christmas gift for her idea if your other half needs a little TLC over the busy festive period. Just imagine how happy she’ll be when she comes in after a long day of Christmas shopping to see you’ve run her a luxurious bath with her brand-new Lush goodies. Now that’s what we call the perfect idea for a Christmas gift!

a lady dancing in red pyjamas with Christmas puddings on

5. Festive pyjamas

This is a great Christmas gift for her idea if your Mrs is a fan of cute sleepwear. And let’s face it - the festive period isn’t complete without some Christmas-themed pjs to get snug with. If you’re looking for gift ideas for her at Christmas that won’t break the bank, then this is also a great option - as you’ll find plenty of high street retailers have an assortment of great value PJ sets that are festive themed, just like this cute pair from ASOS. These are also a great idea for a Christmas gift if you guys are a couple who like to be matching! As there are loads of his and hers options out there that will make for the perfect cute Instagram shot…

5 students on a cookery course in white aprons with a chef showing them what to do

6. A cookery class

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for her idea that is a little more on the experiential side, a couples cookery class could be one of the best gift ideas for her at Christmas. If the lady in your life is somewhat of a chef in the kitchen, then have a look around for some local cookery, baking, or even cocktail masterclasses! These days there are loads of options out there at the moment, especially if you live near a bustling city. This is the perfect idea for a Christmas gift if you’re part of a couple who loves to cook together and are searching for new recipes to replace your usual go-to’s! From pasta-making tutorials to chocolatier classes, this idea for a Christmas gift is brilliant if you want to give her a treat with a difference that you can enjoy as a couple.

a black polaroid camera with a photo of a woman printed

7. A Polaroid camera

This is one of the most perfect Christmas gift for her ideas if the lady in your life is always documenting those magic moments. Perhaps she’s always papping away on her iPhone or filling photo albums full of special snapshots. If that’s the case, this vintage Polaroid camera is one of the greatest gift ideas for her at Christmas, as not only does it take amazing, vintage-esque photos, but it also looks super cool too. Quite simply a top idea for a Christmas gift for any budding photographer out there…

golden jewellery out of a monthly subscription box with a green bag and a box decorated in a floral design

8. A monthly jewellery subscription

This is a great Christmas gift idea for her if you’re the type of guy who wants to really spoil the special girl in your life. With this idea for a Christmas gift, you’ll be ensuring she has a different piece of gorgeous jewellery delivered straight to her door every month! Imagine that! 12 gorgeous items from their signature collection every year. This is one of those Christmas gift for her ideas that she’ll truly look forward to receiving each month, and as the months go on and winter fashion becomes summer styling - she’ll get stunning pieces that will complement her outfits all year round.

a. cream and green embroidered scarf with the initials RS

9. An embroidered scarf

As far as Christmas gift for her ideas go - this one is definitely one of the snuggest! We’re still only halfway through the winter months by the time Christmas rolls around, after all - so there’s plenty more time for us to all wrap up warm. This beautiful woven scarf will let you lady wrap up in style, and she can even have it personalised with her initials - making this a super special, thoughtful gift idea for her at Christmas.

So there you have it - our pick of the best gift ideas for her at Christmas. With nine options to suit many tastes and budgets, we really hope we’ve given you some festive inspiration on the perfect Christmas gift for her ideas - with plenty of time left to spare before the shopping season is officially upon us!



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