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Ten Incredible Personalised Christmas Gifts For Family Nights In

Updated: Jan 22

Make your winter cosier and full of festive cheer with our list of personalised Christmas presents for the whole family.

A round-up of our top five family friendly Personalised Christmas gift ideas

Shopping for Personalised Christmas presents to give to your “tricky-to-buy-for” niece, brother or great aunt can be challenging at the best of times.

Finding the perfect personalised Christmas gifts for the whole family to enjoy: that can seem impossible!

Christmases of the past may have been spent with Dad reading his new history book and the kids fighting over video games … But this year we have some Personalised Christmas ideas that will bring your family together for the holidays. And of course nothing says memorable personal Christmas gifts like getting a Giant Bear Sculpture from Giant Bear!

Here are our 10 Personalised Christmas gift ideas to create the perfect cosy Christmas night!

A black giant bear sculpture in a red hat and scarf

Festive Life Size Sculptures from Giant Bear

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our bear sculptures! Whether you desire a grand sculpture to become the centrepiece of your festive decor or a more modest size to delight the little ones, Giant Bear sculptures make exceptional personalised gifts for Christmas. If you're searching for unique Christmas gifts made in the UK, our bear sculptures come in a range of designs to make it truly special!

Not to mention that Giant Bear's sculptures are suitable for the whole family: a majestic focal point for parents, a source of wonder for children, and a conversation piece for grandma and grandpa! Why not give every family member their own personal Christmas sculpture to enhance their festive season?

A multicoloured interactive advent calendar

2. ‘A Drawing A Day’ Advent Calendar

As your family counts down the days to Christmas, why not start the party games early? The Bespoke Workshop provides an excellent range of Christmas gifts made in the UK (Gloucestershire to be exact), including their Personalised Xmas Gift Advent Calendars! With 24 prompts for festive things to draw, your family could hold competitions for the best drawn snowman or simply play Pictionary! Pick a personalised Xmas gift for your family and keep the giggles, silliness and Christmas cheer in your kitchen during the lead up to Christmas!

3 Wooden place cards in the shape of reindeer with names engraved in

3. Elegant Place Cards for your Dinner Table

Personalised Christmas Name Cards add an extra bit of excitement to sitting up at your dinner table (and can avoid a mad scramble to sit next to your favourite family member!). These elegant reindeer Place Holders from Pretty Personalised make for beautiful Personalised Christmas gifts.

Even better, these Personalised Christmas presents can double as gorgeous decorations and be kept for years to come! Remember to get one for Mr Bear, your Giant Sculpture bear too!

a pink sparkling cracker with 'Sarah' on and various make up items alongside

4. Design Your Own Personalised Christmas Crackers

Is your family a little bored of the same old Christmas cracker jokes and toys? Tired of finding out why Santa’s helper went to the doctor every year? (A: Because he had low elf esteem). If you want a unique festive dinner experience, why not try Personalised Christmas Crackers? These fabulous Crackers from Not On The Highstreet are tailored to your family members favourite hobbies and interests - making these the ultimate Customised Christmas gifts to spread Christmas cheer before carving the turkey!

Speaking of, what do you call a bear on ice? An icebreaker!

Christmas themed white aprons & chef hat

5. Cute and Silly Christmas Aprons and Chef Hats

Trying to think of Personalised Christmas gift ideas that will put a smile on your family’s face? Get them giggling with personalised Christmas Aprons and Chef Hats from Keep It Personal! Perfect silly customised Christmas gifts to wear while baking or cooking the Christmas dinner! The more dedicated chefs in your family might even happily wear their aprons all day to prevent gravy and red wine spills!

a pale yellow scratch off baking calendar. with various baking items alongside

6. Inspiring Scratch-off Recipe Book

Now that your family is all kitted out for your own personalised Christmas bake off, it’s time for some Christmas baking! Can’t decide between cookies, cake or mince pies? Crumbsy Collette has an incredible range of personalised gifts for Christmas, including a 100 Bakes Scratch-off Poster that has something for everyone! Plus your poster can inspire your family’s baking sessions for many Christmases to come!

a childrens wooden knife set, with vegetable peeler and finger guard

7. Practice Knife Set

As your cosy winter day comes to an end, the little ones might be feeling restless. What better than some personalised gifts for Xmas to stimulate some imaginative playtime for all the family? Get children involved in the kitchen from early on, Le Petit Chef set from Not Another Bill. Teaching them essential knife safety and skills, the set includes easy to hold wood handles with a training ring and finger protector, ideal for little hands.

a christmas mug full of hot chocolate with cream, marshmallows and a candycane.

8. Bespoke Hot Chocolate Kit

No personalised gifts for Christmas will complete your cosy winter night like a mug of hot chocolate with all the festive trimmings! Treat your family to a hot chocolate kit in a personalised Christmas mug with your choice of cute festive designs from AmyLucy (who specialises in Christmas gifts made in the UK).

a child's christmas story book with a picture of santa on the front

9. Christmas Stories Specially For Your Little Ones

If you’re looking for a personalised Xmas gift for the kids in your family, look no further! Read the little ones to sleep on Christmas Eve with a beautiful selection of illustrated stories in a gorgeous personalised Christmas cover from Getting Personal! Your child’s name will be featured through a number of festive tales to create an unforgettable personal Christmas gift.

a white frame containing text about sarah

10. Adorable Things I Love About You Print

Is there any better heartfelt, personal gift for Christmas than telling your family you love them? Better yet, get a token of your love framed so they can keep it forever, like the Things I Love About You Print from Find Me A Gift. What makes this present so special is that it is a fully customised Christmas gift - every single line can be personalised to perfectly reflect what you love that makes them unique. Express how much you love them with a personalised Christmas gift that includes all your inside jokes and funny memories!

If you have love on your mind this Christmas, this is one of many Christmas ideas for her that Giant Bear recommends this Winter! (And remember if you can’t say ‘I love you’ with words, why not say it with a Giant Bear Sculpture?)

Those are our top ten personalised gifts for Christmas that create a perfectly cosy Winter’s night for your family! And in our opinion, no Christmas gift is better than a festive lifesize bear from Giant Bear!

Once you’ve gotten your gifts covered for all the family, why not also check out our list of Christmas gift ideas for friends? Giant Bear has endless ideas on how to provide extra special personalised Christmas gifts for everyone in your life!

the vogue giant bear sculpture



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