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Ten Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends

Updated: Jan 22

Tis the season to be jolly with our pick of the best personalised Christmas presents for your friends in 2024.

A round-up of our top five Christmas gift ideas for friend:

Here at Giant Bears we love giving gifts, as you guys already know! We also happen to love our friends a lot too. So what better occasion to show our best pals just how much they mean to us than…Christmas, of course! When it comes to Christmas gift ideas for friends, there is a heck of a lot of choices out there, and the chances are you’ll want your Christmas gift ideas to stand out beyond all the rest of your friends’ stocking fillers. So with that in mind, we’ve made a list of some of the UK’s best Christmas gift ideas, that are so unique and personal, that your friend will be thanking you right up until next Christmas! From Christmas gift ideas for female friends to extra special Christmas gift ideas for that best friend – we’ve got you covered with some of the most unique pressies of 2024.

So grab a mince pie, press play on that festive playlist and get ready to channel your inner Father Christmas!

Giant Bears’s pick of the best Christmas gift ideas for her:

2 rose gold giant bear sculptures

1.Matching teddy bears from Giant Bears

Is your best friend dreaming of a white Christmas? Or maybe they’re just dreaming of a big, gorgeous, lifesize white bear?! Well, if so – they’re in luck! We think that one of our giant bear sculptures is the perfect Christmas gift for that special pal in your life. A bear from us is one of those Christmas gift ideas for friends that will bring them peace on earth all year round and is the ultimate symbol of love and affection. Maybe you’re looking for matching Christmas gift ideas for you and your bestie? In that case, why not order two of our unique bears and turn them into a pair for you and your friend and have some fun thinking up twin names together? Or, when it comes to Christmas gift ideas for female friends, perhaps one of our pink bears will be the perfect option for her. Whoever you’re buying for, a stuffed bear from us at Giant Bears is sure to be the perfect option. We design, handcraft and distribute each of our loveable bears at our HQ in the UK.

A gold bracelet with a red gem & a letter E, worn on someones wrist

2. Friendship bracelets

Another gorgeous idea when it comes to Christmas gift ideas for friends is to surprise your bestie with matching friendship bracelets, just like these cute ones from Abbott Lyon – where you can opt for initial charms that symbolise the names of you and your best friend. As far as Christmas gift ideas go for your bestie, matching bracelets is one is up there with one of the safest bets you can make. Classy, cute and meaningful – only the best the best girlfriend in your life! We think a good old fashioned friendship bracelet is one of the ultimate staples when it comes to meaningful Christmas gift ideas for female friends.

A hand drawn artwork showing 2 female friends with glasses of wine in the air above their heads

3. Personalised artwork

Every friendship has that favourite photo that you guys both love. With this Christmas gift idea for your best friend from Etsy, you can surprise your bestie with an arty version of that great shot of you both. Whether it’s a classic old pic taken from the archives of Facebook or the latest grid post of you both from Instagram – this is one of those Christmas gift ideas that give a twist on simply popping a photo in a frame. With this Christmas gift idea, you’ll be turning that cute photo into a work of art, and this particular Etsy seller will even pop a meaningful message or quote at the top of the print

£ clear glass frames displaying a song & photograph

4. Your friendship song

Think it’s just couples that have their own songs? With this Christmas gift idea for your best friend, you can think again! If you’re lucky enough to have a proper bestie in your life, the chances are you’ll both also share a song that signifies special memories for you both. With this Christmas gift idea, you can turn the melody of your fave friendship tune into a work of art that will look pretty as a picture displayed around your friend’s home. This is a totally unique Christmas gift idea for your best friend that will bring a smile to their faces and prompt you both to have a little rock around the Christmas tree to your fave friendship tune!

A pull out photo album

5. Personalised pull-out photo album

As well as a million songs and memories, every special friendship likely has a million photographs surrounding it too. So for this Christmas gift idea for friends – how about documenting them all on a personalised pull-out photo album From Not On The Highstreet? This Christmas gift idea is the perfect way to share your favourite memories with your bestie, all packed into a unique concertina-style photo box. Featuring either 5 or 7 of your chosen snaps along with a little message to finish, this lovely token Christmas gift idea is super thoughtful and something your pal will treasure for many Christmases to come.

A homemade collage with lots of photographs

6. A homemade collage

Let’s face it, many Christmas gift ideas for friends often involve spending a lot of money. But we’re here to remind you that this doesn’t have to always be the case! We always say here at Big Ted that the main thing about gifts is that they come straight from the heart - not necessarily from your bank account. So when it comes to Christmas gift ideas in the UK that won’t break the bank - how about a collage, just like the one above, but make it yourself? Over the years you’ve likely amassed a whole bunch of original photos of you and your bestie, as well as cute keepsakes such as gig tickets or cinema ticket stubs. So why not create a collage or scrapbook of your own to gift to them? This is one of those Christmas gift ideas that can keep costs down for you, while still bringing a heck of a lot of joy to your bestie. Give it a go!

a grey adventure challenge book

7. Adventure challenge scrapbook: the friendship edition

From The Adventure Challenge book series comes one of the most unique Christmas gift ideas for friends you can get your hands on! Do you and your besties ever get tired of watching the same episode of Friends for the 5th time in a month? What about the countless nights you’ve spent sitting around with your squad trying to come up with something fun to do? Well, with this Christmas gift idea, you’ll no longer be short of inspo for fun! This book has 50 unique challenges within it. In fact, you might just find yourself creating epic meals, popping some bubbly in the bathtub or chasing your friends throughout the local town. With this super unique UK Christmas gift idea adventure is calling you off the couch, and this Christmas is the time to answer!

pink socks with a females face and best friends text

8. Friendship socks

If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for friends that won’t cost a lot but will bring a smile to their faces then how about some personalised friendship socks from Prinster? These one-off wardrobe additions are as comedic as they are comfy, with both of your faces printed from top to bottom! This is the perfect Christmas gift idea for your friend who loves to stay in on those cosy winter nights and snuggle up in their pjs. Plus, every time they head to the fridge to top up their glass of Bailey’s – they’ll see your face guiding them on the walk across the house! As far as personalised Christmas gift ideas for your friends we don’t think it gets more up close and personal than that!

a glass bauble containing gold snow flakes, a brown ribbon and a wooden tag displaying "Carly best friend"

9. Personalised Christmas Baubles

Christmas gift ideas for your friends don’t get much more festive and cute. Perhaps your friend has moved into a new place this year and is looking forward to putting up their first tree? If so, this is one of the best Christmas gift ideas you can opt for. These pretty and personalised friendship baubles from Not on The Highstreet are not only one of those Christmas gift ideas for best friends that look great – but they’re also a super sentimental idea too. Every time your friend assembles their tree, year after year they’ll think of you and your shared friendship as they hang this cute decoration on the branch. They’re also handmade in Surrey, making them a great option if you’re looking to support local businesses with your Christmas gift ideas within the UK.

A glass gin goblet with pink gin inside

10. Personalised gin glass

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a tipple at Christmas! So when it comes to brainstorming Christmas gift ideas for friends, the chances are one of them is going to be alcohol-related! We love this personalised goblet from Not on The Highstreet, and think it would make a cute Christmas gift idea for anyone who enjoys a little Clementine-infused festive gin!

So there you have it! Our round-up of the very best UK Christmas gift ideas in 2024! We know that it can be a tough call to decide on which Christmas gift ideas for your friends to opt for each year, especially when you’re in a large circle of friends. It’s not easy to come up with unique Christmas gift ideas for female friends, as well as male friends - and even your dog friends! But we hope our list has helped you to narrow down some of the most thoughtful and bespoke Christmas gift ideas that are on the market this year.

Call us biased, but we do believe that one of our giant bear sculptures does make the perfect Christmas gift idea for a friend. And the best part? It truly doesn’t matter who that friend is! Take it from us when we say that our giant bears make the perfect gifts for absolutely everybody and anybody - no matter the time of year or occasion. Because remember, a Giant Bear isn’t just for Christmas - it’s for life! So if you’re stumped for Christmas gift ideas for your friends, remember with one of our sculptures, you’ll be giving them a gift of comfort and joy that will last for many years to come.

the cosmic giant bear sculpture



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