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Ten Special Graduation Presents

Celebrate a special milestone with our pick of the best gifts for graduates that will be treasured forever.

Graduation students throwing their hats into the air

Stuck for ideas for a graduation present? Look no further!

Want to show your loved one just how proud you are of them for hitting the milestone of graduation? Well, we’ve got you covered with our list of extra special and unique graduation presents.

Yep, we’ve put together the perfect list of thoughtful presents for graduates that they’re sure to absolutely love and treasure, even long after the ceremony is over. Here at Giant Bears, you know by now that we love any excuse to give out presents. But the celebration of a loved one’s graduation is something that definitely deserves to be marked. And what better way to show your admiration for all of their hard work than by symbolising this through a couple of cute graduation presents? If you’ve ever been a student yourself, you’ll remember that it can be a tough time on the old bank account, with very little cash spare to splash on treats. With this in mind, it’s all the more reason to bring your friend or family member some thoughtful graduation presents on their big day.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been feeling the pinch lately, whether we’re a student or not! But don’t worry, not all gifts for graduates have to be expensive or high-end. And as we always say, the most special graduation gift ideas will always be ones that come straight from the heart. So whether you’re in the market for a university graduation gift for her, a graduation gift for a best friend or are even looking for the best graduation gifts to treat yourself to - look no further than our list of ten of the most thoughtful gifts for a graduate.

Our top five ideas for gifts for graduates:

A silver Giant Bears Sculpture

1. A bear sculpture from Giant Bears

When it comes to ideas for a graduation gift - nothing says “you did good” better than a giant bear. We think this makes them the perfect gift for a graduate! University can be a tough time with lots of pressure on students when it comes to exams and making the best grades. Some students may even have moved away from home and might have missed out on a lot of big hugs from their loved ones over the last few years. But, with a sculpture from Giant Bears, give them the best graduation present they could ever ask for! You can even select the colour and size of their bear, for example, one of our pink bears might make a great graduation gift for your daughter or perhaps a blue bear for your son.

A grey graduation photo album

2. A personalised graduation photo album

When it comes to graduation presents that have a personal touch, how about this beautiful bespoke graduation photo album to preserve those precious memories of the big day forever? As far as personalised gifts for graduation go, this one doesn’t get more thoughtful, and your loved one can fill it with their favourite photographs of the day that really capture those magic moments. The best presents for graduates will be ones that will help them to hold on to their university experience for years to come, which makes this university graduation gift for her or him a truly special one.​

A black graduation hat memory box with a photo of 3 graduates ontop

3. A graduation memory box

This is one of our favourite ideas for a graduation gift, because it’s not just photos of the big day that some students might want to keep. What about all of those other cute keepsakes? Like the cork from the first bottle of bubbly you popped as a graduate? Or the ribbon from your graduation cap? This graduation present is perfect for keeping all of those bits and bobs nice and safe. It’s a sweet memory box with your favourite picture from the big day as pride of place on the lid. This is certainly a unique present for graduates and is definitely one of the best graduation gift ideas for those who are sentimental and like to hold onto physical mementoes. It also makes a lovely personalised gift for graduation, with the cute added touch of a cute photograph from the special day!

Blue and black sequin Mickey Mouse ears

4. Mickey Mouse graduation ears

This is hands down one of the best graduation presents you can get for those Disney lovers out there. So if your loved one is mad about Mickey and Minnie, these cute sequin mouse ears are the perfect graduation gift idea for them. Okay so you might not immediately associate good old Mickey with ideas for graduation gifts - but this one really is proof that there’s a piece of Disney merchandise for any occasion (just like here at Big Ted!) So if you’re looking for ideas for a graduation present for your magical-kingdom-loving friends, head over to the Disney website for the perfect gift. You might even be tempted by a Disney princess tiara too if you’re looking for some extra inspiration on university graduation gifts for her!

A bottle of champagne wrapped in a graduation gown, with 2 champagne flutes

5. Bottle of graduation bubbly

Looking for ideas for a graduation gift for your booze-loving pals? We’ve got you! And who doesn’t love graduation presents that come dressed as…well - a graduate! Let’s be honest, many of us love a glass or two of bubbly when it comes to celebrating any happy occasion. But why just hand over your bottle of fizz in a boring old gift bag? Didn’t you know gift bags are so Class of 2021!? In 2022 it’s all about dressing your bottle to impress. Head over to this cute Etsy store to order your graduation-themed champagne sleeve and add a creative touch to your graduation gift idea.

2 lockets, one gold and old silver with a note inside

6. Personalised graduation envelope locket with hidden charm

Presents for graduates are often ones that they will keep for life, mainly because it’s such a significant and momentous occasion. So when it comes to those extra precious gifts for graduates, it’s no surprise that a treasured piece of jewellery was always going to make it onto our list. This idea for a graduation present is a super sweet one and might even bring a tear to their eye as your loved one unwraps their very own engraved graduation charm locket! This is the perfect graduation gift for her and is a beautiful option for a personalised gift for graduation for a daughter, sister or partner. This is also one of the more stylish ideas for a graduation gift, as they’re available in both silver and gold so you can pick one that best suits her taste.

A line drawing city scape of Birmingham

7. Personalised university city print

Presents for graduates often involve ones that they can proudly display around their home, as proof that they put in the blood sweat and tears to achieve that all-important degree! So what if there was a graduation gift idea that would look beautiful hanging pride of place in the living room for all to see, that symbolised the university years? Well, we have just the thing with this university city print artwork! If you’re looking for personalised gifts for graduation that look the part, this is definitely the gift to go for. Simply select the city your loved one studied in, and the artist will create a beautiful print of the skyline and the notable cultural landmarks. What a special way to remind your graduate friend of their treasured university years and the place they called home.

A selection of multicoloured, graduation themed biscuits

8. A graduation biscuit box

All of that celebrating is hungry work, right!? Well, luckily this idea for a graduation gift is sure to hit the spot, especially if your loved one has a sweet tooth. This super cute bespoke biscuit box is packed full of handmade celebratory biscuits. It’s the perfect graduation gift for her or him - or basically just anybody with taste buds! Inside this tin, you'll find everything they need to graduate in biscuit style, including a gown, scroll, graduation cap, champagne, streamers and a star. After all that hard work they deserve it, after all! You can also turn the biscuit box into a personalised gift for graduation by adding a bespoke message to the treat in the shape of a scroll. Now that’s what we call a sweet graduation gift idea…

A white thesis

9. A bound version of their thesis

Okay, so some students may never want to read a single line from their dissertation ever again after they’ve handed it in. But for many, their thesis is a piece of work to be immensely proud of, and one they’ve spent many months perfecting. If that’s the case, this is one of those graduation gift ideas that will mean a lot to them, and show that you’re just as proud of their completed body of work as they are. A bound version of their thesis, report, or dissertation is a beautifully personalised gift for graduation that they can keep for life. As far as the best graduation gifts for her or him go, they will really appreciate the fact that you’ve taken out the time to showcase their hard work in such a special way.

A round, red pin badge, with white text

10. ‘Don’t ask about the thesis!’ badge

This is one of those ideas for a graduation gift that they probably won’t be expecting. While not all presents for graduates have to be soppy and sentimental! This is one of those graduation gift ideas that are perfect if your loved one is a bit of a joker. The ‘Don’t Ask About the Thesis!’ badge says it all when it comes to those students who had to pull many long all-nighters in the library. This is the perfect silly gift for graduates who will be pretty happy to see the back of their university experience and never have to speak of their thesis again!

So there you have it! Our run-through of the best presents for graduates and most creative ideas for graduation gifts. Whether you’re buying a graduation gift for your best friend or a graduation gift for your daughter or son, we hope there’s something on this list that you think will hit the spot.

When it comes to handing over gifts for graduates, remember to also include a cute card too with a little note to say just how proud you are of their achievements. If some of these ideas for a graduation present are a little out of your price range right now, don’t stress about it! Write your loved one a letter instead and pour your heart into it! Trust us when we say anything from the heart is the best idea for a graduation gift you could ever have. (Except for maybe a giant bear sculpture, obvs!)

If you do think a giant bear sculpture is the perfect graduation present idea for you, then why not take a look at our amazing online store today? We offer a range of sizes and colours, so we can match everybody to their perfect bear to join in the graduation celebrations!



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