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The Most Unique and Thoughtful Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Updated: Jan 22

Affordable, unique and personalised baby shower gifts that will stand out at any baby shower party!

A woman at a baby shower with decorations behind, and child kissing her bump

What to consider when buying a baby shower gift

  • Make sure you’re thinking about baby shower gift ideas that will benefit the soon-to-arrive baby - not just mum! They’re the ones that will really come in handy.

  • It might sound obvious, but remember to avoid baby shower gift ideas for mum that contain alcohol! We know a bottle of bubbly is often a go-to for a celebration but let’s not forget that mum-to-be can’t enjoy that right now.

  • Don’t leave dad out! Have a think of some gift ideas for a baby shower that dad can also enjoy or that the whole family can benefit from together once their bundle of joy arrives.

  • Get creative! We think the best ideas for gifts for baby showers are ones that are a little more on the unique side - which is what we’ve put together a list of gifts that include some really special and ‘outside the box’ options.

As far as occasions go, we think baby showers are one of the most joyous events you can ever celebrate. The promise of a new little bundle of joy is enough to bring a tear to anyone’s eye. But a tear in your eye is certainly not all you’re expected to bring to a baby shower these days…

Yep, like it or not, the expectations for baby shower gift ideas are pretty high. Whether it’s preempting a gift for the baby before it arrives, or brainstorming baby shower gift ideas for mum to enjoy - one thing is for certain: the race to come up with the most unique baby shower gift ideas is on between you and your fellow attendees!

When it comes to the rituals we have before the birth of a new baby, every culture does things a little differently. For example, did you know that in Turkey to celebrate the new baby, mothers drink a traditional beverage called Lohusa Serbeti? Otherwise known as a ‘postpartum sherbet’! Baby shower gift ideas in the UK are a little more materialistic, let’s say! And when it comes to fun baby shower gift ideas, there’s a heck of a lot of inspiration out there.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift ideas for a friend or family member who’s expecting a baby, then keep reading. We’re going to be sharing with you ten of the best baby shower gift ideas for new mums, plus some ideas of things to buy for the new baby too. Don’t forget, when it comes to baby shower gift ideas, you can choose to give something practical for the mum or baby to use. Or, you might prefer to treat the mum-to-be to something more luxurious that’s just for them. Personalised baby shower gifts are always a great idea too, to make mum feel extra special!

Either way, it’s time to take a look at our list for bags of inspiration on all of the best baby shower gift ideas!

A silver giant bear sculpture

1. A giant bear from Giant Bears

While we might be a touch partial, we're wholeheartedly convinced that our splendid giant bears are the quintessential baby shower gifts. Ideal for mum, the baby, and yes, even dad! As the final weeks of pregnancy draw near (and all mum wants is to relax on the couch with her top-pick snacks!), a Giant Bear becomes the ultimate couch buddy. Can you conjure any other baby shower gift ideas that the entire family, including the soon-to-arrive baby, can relish?

Extra tip: Our pink bears are the impeccable baby shower gift for a little girl on the way!

2. A comforting blanket

The best baby shower gift ideas are ones that can bring mum-to-be some luxurious comfort in those final few months before she pops. After all, carrying around such a precious (but heavy!) load for nine months can start to get pretty uncomfortable. So why not opt for baby shower gift ideas for mum that will help her to feel relaxed after she’s home from a long day of waddling around? For this, we suggest the ultimate comfort blanket - like this one from The White Company. They’re a British comfort institution, making some of the best baby shower gift ideas in the UK. Check out their baby clothes too!

A black and white photo of a baby in its mothers arms

3. A bump to baby photoshoot

When it comes to super thoughtful gift ideas for baby showers this one is sure to make mum and dad emotional! It involves purchasing what’s known as a ‘bump to baby’ photoshoot. This is one of those ideas for gifts for baby showers that your friend and her whole family will treasure forever - with the pictures framed in everyone’s houses. The mum and dad-to-be will get their photos taken by a professional photographer, showing off the mum’s beautiful bump with pride while it’s still there. Then a few weeks later when the baby arrives, they’ll go back for another previous photoshoot of the three of them! One of the cutest baby shower gift ideas for mum and dad…wouldn't you agree?! Just Google ‘bump to baby photoshoot’ to find a suitable photographer in your area. As far as personalised baby shower gifts go, it doesn’t get more personal and close to the heart than this.

A baby wearing a full coverage bib sat in a highchair

4. A full coverage bib

This is one of the best baby shower gift ideas for mum if she’s a bit of a clean freak! As far as gift ideas for baby showers go - you might feel that gifting a simple bib is a little boring or underwhelming, but trust us when we say your pregnant friend will thank you later when her baby is spitting out mushed-up carrot all over that freshly washed baby-grow for the second time that day! A full coverage bib means no mess, no stickiness, and no endless amounts of outfit changes after your baby has had their breakfast and lunch! So if you’re looking for one of the best baby shower gift ideas in the UK, head over to UK-based seller Bibado for their range of coverall-wearing bibs.

A colour portrait of a baby, on a shelf

5. A custom baby portrait

Gift ideas for baby showers can sometimes be a little too traditional, even boring! Let’s face it…does your friend really need another scented candle? So why not mix things up with some ideas for gifts for baby showers that will melt mum and dad’s hearts, rather than melt another lavender wax cube? For a super thoughtful and personalised baby shower gift option - how about a beautiful custom artist portrait, like this one from Etsy? You can either get your expecting friend a voucher to have her baby made into artwork when he or she arrives - or perhaps submit a lovely image of her holding her bump instead, to commemorate her pregnancy months? Either way, this beautiful watercolour work of art is one of those special baby shower gift ideas that she’ll treasure forever.

A happy baby in a white baby bath

6. A baby bath

When it comes to baby shower gift ideas in the UK, we sure do love our bath bombs! But pretty soon, it won't just be mum enjoying her relaxing baths - it’ll be her new baby taking a dip too! We suggest buying your friend a baby bath - especially if they live in a house that doesn’t have a bathtub in it! Or how else will they take those cute baby bath time pictures we all have of ourselves? As far as baby shower gift ideas go, this is one that will certainly come in handy and get used regularly. Head over to Mamas and Papas to check out their selection of baths and baby bath accessories.

7. A food craving hamper

Fun baby shower gift ideas don’t get much better than a hamper stuffed full of the mum-to-be’s most desired and delicious food craving treats! Whether it’s choccie biscuits she can’t get enough of, or something totally random like tins of hotdogs - why not fill a care package full of their favourite pregnancy snacks? This is definitely up there with one of the best creative baby shower gifts you can put together. You can even make it feel like a personalised baby shower gift too - by filling it with pink coloured foods, such as marshmallows, as one of the most perfect baby shower gift ideas for a girl.

Tip: if your friend hasn’t had many foodie cravings - why not create a cute hamper packed with cute gifts for the baby instead? Just like this perfect package from Not On The Highstreet.

A white baby bag on top of a white suitcase, with a pregnant lady baby bump

8. ‘The’ baby bag

This is one of those baby shower gift ideas that will 100% come in handy for both mum and dad. Before a mum gives birth, she’s encouraged to pack a ‘baby bag’ that’s ready to take to the hospital with a whole load of essentials in it for when the time comes. Think fresh pjs, a hairbrush, toothbrush etc. So how about you and some of the other shower attendees save your friend the stress of this and club together for the bag and its contents? This is one of the most thoughtful gift ideas for a baby shower and also has the potential to be one of the more unique baby shower gift ideas depending on what you put in there! We recommend one of the pre-made hospital bundles from Something A Bit Different, as their hand-picked selection of soft and organic products and materials are sure to make mum’s hospital stay as snug as possible.

Tip: for an extra cute touch, you can include a cute letter from you guys for your friend to read in the hospital, telling her how excited and proud you all are of her!

Pastel multicoloured baby blocks spelling out 'Willow"

9. Bespoke baby blocks

Gift ideas for baby showers don’t get much more personalised than this! If your pregnant friend already has her heart set on what to call her baby, then why not surprise her with some personalised baby shower gifts that showcase and celebrate her sweet baby’s name? Just like these ones!

10. Personalised baby clothes

We couldn’t make a list of ideas for gifts for baby showers without including good old baby clothes! It might seem like a typical and easy choice for a present, but trust us when we say your pregnant pal will be thrilled when she lays out all of her baby’s cute new outfits and has a varied selection to choose from. Baby shower gift ideas for a girl could be an adorable little dress or bow, or boy gift ideas for a baby shower might include a teeny tiny football kit of their dad’s favourite team!

Tip: for an added personal touch - why not get your friend’s baby name printed on a cute baby-grow or t-shirt? Or maybe a super cute fancy dress option for a more personalised baby shower gift. For example, if mum’s expecting in October - how about a cute little pumpkin outfit to celebrate the autumn festivities? Because is there anything cuter than a newborn pumpkin!?

So there you have it. Our list of the very best baby shower gift ideas in the UK. If you go with any one of these baby shower gift ideas, you’re sure to make a lasting impression when it comes to the gift unveiling part of the event…

We hope we’ve been able to give you some (baby) food for thought when it comes to truly unique baby shower gift ideas that your pregnant pal is sure to love. Remember, some of the best gifts are the most creative baby shower gift ideas - so don’t be afraid to put your own stamp on your gift and defy tradition. If you’re a one-of-a-kind person, get your friend a one-of-a-kind gift!

Speaking of one-of-a-kind, did you know each of our bear sculptures here at Giant Bears is hand-made with love by our team of dedicated artists? We think this is what makes them the perfect option for your baby shower gift ideas.

Head over to our online store to view all of our different sizes, styles and colours.

the colour shift giant bear sculpture



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