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The World of Collectible Figurines: From Classic to Contemporary

Step into the captivating world of collectible figurines, where artistry meets nostalgia and every piece tells a story. This article explores the diverse and fascinating realm of figurines, from timeless porcelain to modern resin sculptures. Discover how these cherished collectibles, including the increasingly popular UK-made Giant Bear sculptures, offer both aesthetic pleasure and potential financial investment, catering to enthusiasts of all tastes and budgets. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newcomer, join us on a journey through the enchanting universe of collectible figurines.

a lady leaning on a counter next to a magma giant bear figurine

The Appeal of Collectible Figurines

Collecting figurines transcends simple hobbyism—it’s a form of expression, a portal to nostalgia, and a means of artistic appreciation. Many collectors find joy in the hunt for rare and exclusive pieces, the community of fellow enthusiasts, and the aesthetic pleasure of displaying their finds proudly within their home. For others, figurines are a financial investment, growing in value over time, especially as certain items become rarer in the market.

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Types of Collectible Figurines

Collectible figurines vary widely in material, size, theme, and origin, catering to a myriad of tastes and preferences. Here are some of the most popular types of figurines that have captured the attention of collectors worldwide:

1.Porcelain Figurines

Tea in the garden Lladro figurine


Originating from Spain, Lladró is renowned for its high-quality porcelain figurines, characterised by their smooth finish and ethereal quality. Themes range from simple pastoral scenes to elaborate historical figures, appealing to a broad audience. For decades, Lladró connoisseurs belonged to high society, which helped the brand flourish and maintain its popularity. Even today, Lladró collectors are some of the wealthiest or well-known individuals in their respective countries. Tea In the Garden (right) is priced at a whopping £13,500!

apple tree boy & apple tree girl Hummel figurines

Hummel Figurines:

Based on the drawings of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, these German figurines depict cheerful children and have a distinct, heartwarming style that has been beloved since the 1930s. Apple Tree Boy & Apple Tree Girl (as seen here) when sold together can be worth a staggering £15,000!

2.Vinyl and Resin Figurines

Funko Pop metallic Stan Lee figurine

Funko Pop!:

These figures are known for their oversized heads and pupil-less eyes, representing thousands of characters from every corner of pop culture. Their affordability and vast selection make them a gateway into figurine collecting. The most valuable Funko Pop figurines are thought to be an autographed chrome and gold metallic version of Superhero Stan Lee, they are believed to be worth between $100,000 – $120,000.

Giant Bear Sculptures:

Made in the UK from high-quality resin, Giant Bear sculptures offer affordability, quality, and artistic design in one package. Available in three sizes (50cm, 135cm &165cm) and two styles (gorillas and bears), they cater to a wide range of budgets and tastes, making them an accessible option for both new collectors and seasoned enthusiasts. Their popularity is rapidly growing, thanks to their unique designs and British craftsmanship.

Giant bear statues

3.Luxury Collectibles

Swarovski Love Birds figurine

Swarovski Crystal Figurines:

These are prized for their precision-cut crystal and sparkling beauty, often used as luxurious decorative pieces in homes.Since 1987, one of the most sought-after collections among Swarovski aficionados has been the SCS Annual Editions. These limited-edition figurines, available exclusively to Swarovski Crystal Society members, typically feature animal themes and are highly prized by collectors worldwide. Each year's release adds a unique charm and value, making them a top pick for enthusiasts. The 1987 edition Lovebirds remains the most sought after.

4.Traditional and Anime Figures

Royal Doulton Bunnykins Jazz band drummer figurine

Royal Doulton:

This UK brand is celebrated for its elegantly detailed porcelain figurines that often depict characters from literature and traditional British scenes. When it comes to collectible Royal Doulton figurines, the Bunnykins series is by far the most popular today, Royal Doulton Bunnykins Jazz Band Drummer recently sold for $2,102.04 at auction.

24 karat gold godzilla anime figurine

Anime Figures:

From affordable mass-produced items to high-end limited editions, anime figurines are incredibly popular in Japan and internationally, often depicting characters from popular anime and manga series. Priced at a staggering $1,098,321.69, the imposing Godzilla figurine stands out as a true masterpiece of collectible art, crafted entirely from 24 karat gold. Weighing in at approximately 15 kg (33 lbs), it was created by the esteemed jeweller Ginza Tanaka to mark the 60th anniversary of Godzilla's cinematic debut. This exclusive piece was produced in a single edition under a licensing agreement with Toho, the film’s distributor, making it an exceptionally rare and coveted item among collectors.

Caring for Your Collection

Maintaining the beauty and value of your figurine collection involves proper care and display. Avoid direct sunlight, which can fade colours and degrade materials. Dust regularly, and consider a display case to protect from dirt and accidental damage. For resin figurines like Giant Bear sculptures, regular dusting and occasional gentle cleaning with mild soap and water will keep them looking pristine. You can read more about how to look after and maintain the value of your Giant Bear sculptures here.

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Begin Your Transformation Today

In the diverse world of collectible figurines, there is a fascinating spectrum ranging from traditional craftsmanship to the vibrant realms of modern pop culture. These treasures serve not only as aesthetic adornments but also as cultural icons, capturing the essence of various eras and artistic movements.

135cm gold giant bear figurine next to an elegant lady

Whether it's the elegance of handcrafted porcelain or the bold dynamism of superhero statues, each piece tells a unique story, resonating with collectors around the globe. As we continue to celebrate and curate these captivating sculptures, they remain a testament to the enduring human passion for art and collectibility, bridging the gap between the past and the present, and forever capturing our imaginations.

Explore the enchanting world of Giant Bear sculptures on our website. From whimsical gorillas to majestic bears, find the perfect addition to your collection. Visit us today and start your own tradition of collectible art!



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