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Top 10 Tips for Modern Decor: From Master Bedrooms to Office Rooms

When it comes to modern decor, the emphasis is on clean lines, functional design, and a blend of comfort and style. Whether you're looking to revamp your master bedroom decor, office room design, sitting room design, or any other space in your home, these top 10 ideas will guide you through the process.

a multi coloured giant bear sculpture

1.Understanding Modern Decor

Modern decor is all about simplicity, clean lines, and a neutral colour palette. It emphasises functionality and minimises clutter. Think of pieces like the handcrafted bear sculptures from Giant Bears, which resonate with a modern aesthetic and can be a statement piece in any room.

2.Neutral Colour Palette

Modern decor often leans towards neutral shades like whites, blacks, and greys. These colours provide a clean and sophisticated backdrop, allowing other decor elements to shine. For instance, a neutral coloured sitting room design can be accentuated with vibrant cushions or wall art.

2 images of shells in wooden frame son a grey interior wall

3.Unique Wall Art

Wall art is a great reflection of your personal style. Websites such as Not On The High Street offer a plethora of unique pieces that can elevate the look of your master bedroom or living area, just like these neutral shell images.

a green palm tree house plant in a cream pot

4.Indoor Plants

Nothing says fresh and modern like indoor plants. Whether it's your office room or sitting area, plants from The Sill can add a touch of nature and improve air quality. You can also get some pretty cool plant pots to pop your plants in, a perfect touch to finish off your modern interior.

a green glass table lamp with a glass pattern bulb

5.Stylish Lamps

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood, whether you prefer warm, daylight glow or neon light bulbs. Explore Dunelm for lamps that complement your modern decor and enhance the ambiance, from floor lamps to table lamps and ceiling lamps, Dunelm has something to fit every style.

a red chair with 1 cream cushion and 1 orange swirly cushion

6.Decorative Cushions

A simple way to revamp your sitting room design is by adding decorative cushions. Dive into the collection at Pillow Decor to find designs that resonate with your style.

a pink circular rug with a cream and pink chair and a potted plant

7.Area Rugs

Rugs can define spaces and add warmth. Whether it's for your master bedroom decor, kitchen or living area, has options that blend comfort and style. Pick from a vast range of colours, shapes and styles, there is something to elevate every interior.

a white shelving unit with neutral pots and mini house plants on the shelves


Modern office room designs often incorporate bookshelves not just for books but also for decor items such as plants and ornaments. Explore Wayfair for designs that are both functional and stylish.

a arch shaped floor mirror with a grey frame. leaning against a cream wall with a candle and side table next to it


Enhance the spaciousness of your room with mirrors from Mirror Shop. They're perfect for any room, especially if you're pondering how to make your sitting room look more modern. Mirrors make any room feel lighter and brighter as well as the illusion of a bigger room.

a Yankee candle in pumpkin maple creme caramel scent

10.Candles and Diffusers

Create a serene atmosphere with fragrances from Yankee Candle. They're ideal for the master bedroom or any space where relaxation is key. Yankee Candles come in almost every scent you can imagine, with seasonal favourites too, there really is something for everyone!

wooden bookcase filled with books and various office items. based in a home office

11.Storage Solutions

A clutter-free space is a modern space. Organise your belongings with storage solutions from The Container Store, ensuring your office room design is both stylish and functional.

In the realm of modern decor, the key is to blend functionality with aesthetics. Whether you're wondering how to decorate a modern home or how to set up a modern living room, these tips will set you on the right path. Remember, it's all about personal expression, so pick elements that resonate with you and make your space truly yours. Make sure to check out our product page over at Giant Bears and pick out your favourite bear sculpture to truly complement your beautiful, modern interior decor.



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