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Bearbrick vs Giant Bears: The Superior and Cheaper Alternative

Updated: Jan 22

You've seen them—adorable, collectible, often peculiar little figures that grace the shelves of influencers, celebrities, and collectors. Welcome to the world of designer toys, where Bearbricks reign supreme. But what if I told you there's a new player in town? Enter Giant Bears, the rising star challenging Bearbricks in both craftsmanship and sustainability.

Giant Bears vs Bearbricks - The Difference

Rose Gold Giant Bear Vs KAWS Companion BearBrick

While Bearbricks are most commonly crafted from plastic, and occasionally incorporate materials like metal and wood, Giant Bears are in a league of their own when it comes to craftsmanship and material quality. Each Giant Bear is handcrafted by skilled artisans who imbue every piece with a touch of uniqueness, ensuring that no two bears are exactly alike. Unlike the mass-produced nature of Bearbricks, Giant Bears are made from sustainably sourced materials, emphasizing not just aesthetics but also ethical responsibility.

Reasons to choose Giant Bears over BearBricks

  1. Giant Bears are made of our unique resin, with a plump, modern body shape and ears that are more aesthetically pleasing than their bearbrick counter part.

  2. They come in much larger sizes: 50cm, 1.35m and 1.65m

  3. The finishes are all hand painted, and unique per bear

Oscar Wilde once said, "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.", underscoring the priceless value of uniqueness. With Giant Bears, you're not just owning a collectible; you're investing in a one-of-a-kind work of art that champions both creative ingenuity and sustainability.

Why Giant Bears Stand Out

In the bustling realm of designer toys, Giant Bears unmistakably carve out their own niche. Unlike other collectibles, they're not merely toys but statement pieces of art that elevate any living space. Operating with a clearly defined mission and vision, the brand offers not just a product, but a unique experience. Their commitment to high-quality craftsmanship is underpinned by a focus on sustainable materials, lending each piece both ethical and aesthetic weight. Moreover, Giant Bears takes personalisation to the next level with customisable options, allowing collectors to truly make each sculpture their own. In terms of collaborations, the brand doesn't merely follow the crowd; they selectively partner with artists and brands that align with their values, ensuring each release is a meaningful addition to their portfolio. In a world flooded with collectibles that often serve as mere status symbols, Giant Bears stands out as a genuine confluence of art, ethics, and individuality, making them a top contender in the designer toy world.

Artists crafting a custom Giant Bears

Key Takeaway

While Bearbricks offer a unique blend of exclusivity, artistic collaboration, and brand allure that makes them a tempting investment in the realm of designer toys, they exist in a market ripe for innovation, Giant Bears takes these values and elevates them to new heights. Offering unparalleled craftsmanship, a focus on sustainability, and the kind of personalisation that turns a collectible into a cherished piece of art, Giant Bears are more than just a new entrant in this space. They are a brand with a unique identity, poised to redefine what designer toys can be. In a world where exclusivity often outshines individuality, Giant Bears offers both, and in doing so, invites you into a richer, more personalised collecting experience. In the world of designer toys, there's always room for fresh innovation and authenticity. Welcome to the Giant Bears family.

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black stone 165cm giant bear sculpture

Understanding the Bearbrick Appeal

So why do people collect Bearbricks? Well beyond their cute and appealing aesthetic, the allure of Bearbricks lies in their exclusivity, their collaborations with high-profile brands and artists, and their potential as an appreciating asset. From Hiroshi Fujiwara to Chanel and Disney, the array of collaborators makes each Bearbrick a piece of pop culture that attracts not just toy collectors but also art aficionados, streetwear enthusiasts, and even investment strategists. Given their limited-edition nature and the hype generated from celebrity ownership, Bearbricks have become a status symbol, a form of cultural currency that blurs the lines between art, fashion, and collectibles. Furthermore, their market value has been known to increase dramatically over time, offering a surprisingly robust return on investment.

Bearbricks collection

But the allure of Bearbricks extends far beyond their status as trendy collectibles or investment pieces. For many, these unique figurines serve as a tangible representation of their personal interests, be it in art, fashion, or pop culture. The myriad of collaborations means that there's likely a Bearbrick that resonates with someone's favourite artist, brand, or character, turning the act of collecting into a deeply personal endeavor. This connection is further intensified by the limited availability and the hunt for rare editions, which can make finally acquiring a desired Bearbrick an emotionally rewarding experience. Some collectors see their Bearbricks as more than just objects; they view them as miniature canvases that artists have used to tell a story or convey an emotion, thereby forming an intimate link between the collector and the creator. Whether displayed prominently in the home or shared on social media, each Bearbrick becomes a part of one's personal narrative, encapsulating memories, preferences, and even aspirations. For these reasons, Bearbricks hold a special place in the hearts of their owners, serving as more than just toys or decorative items, but as cherished tokens that celebrate individuality and passion.

Are Bearbricks Worth the Investment?

The resale market suggests a hearty "Yes!" A well-maintained Bearbrick collection can appreciate in value, often fetching eye-watering sums as evidenced by this Coco Chanel Bearbrick selling at Sotheby's for $35,000. However, if you appreciate the artistry and emotional connection that come with collecting Bearbricks, you'll find Giant Bears to be a compelling next step. While Bearbricks have their place as iconic, collectible toys, Giant Bears take it a level further by being designer pieces meant to be showcased. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a focus on sustainable materials, each Giant Bear is more than just a collectible—it's an artistic statement. With Giant Bears, you're not just investing in a toy, but in a unique piece of art that resonates emotionally and elevates any space it occupies.

Coco Chanel Bearbrick

Unraveling the Bearbrick Collection Hype

Bearbricks have carved a niche that transcends toy collecting. They are held in high esteem by collectors who range from A-list celebrities to dedicated enthusiasts. The hype is real, particularly when limited-edition collaborations with high-end fashion labels like Chanel or iconic artists like KAWS and Takashi Murakami come into play. But where do Giant Bears fit into this bustling landscape? As the new entrants, Giant Bears distinguish themselves by not just being another collectible but by being an authentic piece of art. Made from high-quality, sustainable materials, each Giant Bear is handmade and thus unique, adding a layer of authenticity that can not be replicated that stands out in a sea of mass-produced items. They offer not just a different kind of collectible, but a more conscious choice for those looking to invest in something truly unique and ethically made.

Size Matters

Gold plated Giant Bear Statue in Grey Interior Room

When it comes to size, Bearbricks typically range from 50mm to 70mm. While these dimensions are perfect for collectors who have a dedicated shelf or toy wall, they may not serve as impactful interior décor pieces. Enter Giant Bears: With sizes ranging from a substantial 50cm to an imposing 165cm, these figures are designed to be much more than collectibles. They can seamlessly blend into various interior settings, elevating the space with their vibrant colours and designs. In their larger sizes, Giant Bears can even serve as the centrepiece of a room. The combination of the sculptures' significant scale, high-quality materials, and chic designs transforms them into conversation starters that add a 'wow' factor to any living space or office.

The KAWS Confusion

Often, there's confusion surrounding the origins of Bearbricks, particularly their relationship with KAWS figures. While both are produced by the same Japanese toy manufacturer, Medicom, they are fundamentally different. KAWS figures are the brainchild of blue-chip artist Brian Donnelly, also known as KAWS. In contrast, Bearbricks don't have a specific artist behind them and are a more widespread market product.

Enter Giant Bears, a brand devoid of any such ambiguities. With a unique identity and purpose that sets it apart, Giant Bears are more than just toys for collectors or pieces for hype beasts. They are high-end, stylish, and chic designer sculptures that essentially serve as art pieces for your space. This singular focus imbues Giant Bears with a distinctive allure that transcends typical toy classifications.



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