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Bearly There or Bold and Beautiful: Interior Design Tips For Your Giant Bear Statues

Incorporating a Giant Bear or Gorilla statue into your home decor is an exhilarating challenge. These statues are more than just ornaments; they are statement pieces that transform any space. Whether it's the imposing presence of a bear or the powerful demeanour of our brand new gorilla statues, these sculptures can elevate the aesthetics of your interior. This guide will offer practical advice on styling both bear and gorilla statues in different room settings, alongside complementary decor ideas.

a colour shift giant bear sculpture in a modern minimal interior decor

Styling in Various Spaces

Bear and gorilla statues can be styled uniquely across different rooms. For example, in a spacious and modern living room, a large Gorilla statue can act as a majestic focal point, while in the study, a smaller Bear sculpture might add a touch of introspective elegance. The key is to consider the room's overall theme and ensure the statue you choose complements other design elements.

Complementary Decor and Furniture

The choice of furniture and decor plays a crucial role in enhancing the beauty of your statue. For a sleek, modern Gorilla statue, consider pairing it with contemporary furniture with clean lines, like the chair shown in the below image. For a rustic bear sculpture, wooden furniture and earthy tones would create a harmonious look.

contemporary wooden furniture in a home interior.

Balance and Scale with Larger Statues

For larger statues, maintaining balance and scale is crucial. The statue should enhance the room's aesthetics without overwhelming it. This can be achieved by thoughtful placement and surrounding it with appropriately scaled furniture and decor.

Different Design Scenarios

Visual representations can help you envision how these statues fit into various interior styles. Below we have showcased different design scenarios, such as a Gorilla statue in a modern minimalist setting or a Bear statue in a traditional library, we hope this can help provide valuable inspiration for your interior design skills.

Detailed Interior Design Styling Tips

a red chrome gorilla sculpture in an art deco themed interior decor

Gorilla Statue in Art Deco Setting:

Here you can see how the geometric patterns and gold metallic accents of an art deco themed room, complement the bold features of a red chrome gorilla statue from Giant Bears. To create a similar art deco theme in your home, look our for bold printed wallpaper, and incorporate rich reds, bold blues and vibrant greens. Use striking colours like the yellow chair seen here to create contrast within the room.

A chrome giant bear sculpture inside a rustic cabin style interior design

Bear Statue in a Rustic Cabin

Pair your Giant Bear sculpture with warm, wooden furniture and nature-inspired elements. Here you can see a Chrome 50cm Bear inside a modern yet rustic cabin interior. The Chrome elements such as the taps and light fittings help the bear 'pop' within this design, and it is surprisingly easy to recreate in your own home!

A white stone gorilla statue inside a contemporary office interior design

Gorilla Statue in Contemporary Office

In this example you can see how the white stone gorilla statue is placed within a contemporary office setting. The natural foliage wall behind the sculpture helps create a contract between the sculpture and it's back drop. The neutral finishes and white desks enhance the attributes of the gorilla sculpture. Opt for modern furnishings with minimalist designs if you're looking to recreate this interior design within your office.

a scribble bear inside a cosy nook setting with a red brick wall and cushions

Bear Statue in a Cosy Nook

A cosy nook is the perfect space to curl up in and read your favourite book, or watch your favourite tv show. Which also means it is the perfect space to place your Giant Bear Sculpture! Surround your sculpture with plush seating and soft lighting for a snug feel. Grab a cuppa and put your feet up, after all this interior decorating you deserve it!

Styling your Giant Bear or Gorilla statue is an exciting opportunity to showcase your artistic flair and create a captivating space. These sculptures offer endless possibilities to reflect your personal style, making your home or office a testament to unique and luxurious interior design.

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