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Caring for Your Luxury Giant Bear & Gorilla Statues: A Simple Guide for Maintaining their Value

Luxury Giant Bear and Gorilla statues are not just stunning decor pieces; they're valuable investments. Proper care and maintenance are crucial to preserving their appearance and long-term value. This guide offers straightforward advice on cleaning, storing, and preventing damage to your Giant Bear statues.

a black stone giant bear sculpture bring cleaned with a pink cloth and spray

Each Giant Bear is a fusion of tradition and innovation, meticulously handcrafted by our expert artists. From the premium resin selection to the intricate hand-painting details, every step echoes our commitment to excellence and artistry.

Our statues are quality-checked rigorously, every sculpture embodies timeless art and unmatched craftsmanship, ensuring you own more than just decor – you own a legacy.

How to care for your sculptures to ensure they stand the test of time.

1. Caring For Your Statues

Regular cleaning is key to maintaining the statue's appearance. We recommend using a soft, lint free, dry cloth or a clean, gentle make up brush for regular dusting and avoid using any harsh chemicals on your sculptures. For stubborn dirt on resin based gorilla and bear statues, a gentle wipe with a slightly wet cloth, or a short soak in warm water can remove any accumulated dirt.

a lady cleaning using spray bottle and cloth

2. Polishing and Preserving

For statues with metallic finishes, occasional polishing helps maintain their luster. Use a suitable polish for the material, applying it gently with a soft cloth. Always test a small, inconspicuous area first, do not let polish sit on the sculpture for a long period of time and avoid over working an area, as this may damage the finish.

giant bears rose gold 135cm bear sculpture

3. Proper Storage and Handling

If you need to store your gorilla or bear statues, make sure you choose a dry, cool place. Avoid pacing your sculpture in direct sunlight or in extreme temperatures, as this can cause materials like resin to deteriorate. Handle the statue with care to avoid scratches or chips.

If the statues are being stored for a long period of time, or if you're planning a house move we recommend wrapping the sculptures in bubble wrap or similar protective wrapping, and placing inside a large, strong box to avoid any accidental damage in transit.

2 giant bear 50cm sculpture on a self inside a home

4. Preventing Damage

Always try to position your gorilla and bear statues in low-traffic areas to minimise the risk of accidental damage. Keep them away from moisture and direct heat sources to prevent warping or colour fading.

Our sculptures come with a 12-month warranty from your date of purchase, however this does not cover any accidental damage which may occur from misuse or neglect, so always ensure you are extra careful when positioning your statues!

5. Maintaining Long-term Value

Proper care not only keeps your Giant Bear statues looking great but also preserves their value. Whether it’s a limited edition or a bespoke piece, maintaining its condition is crucial for its appreciation over time. If you're beginning a collection of Giant Bear statues we recommend investing in a good display cabinet to ensure they always stay in tip-top, prime condition!

3 giant bears gold sculptures

Caring for your luxury bear & gorilla statues is straightforward but essential. By following these simple maintenance tips, you can ensure that your statues remain a stunning centrepiece in your home for years to come, retaining both their beauty and value.

If you need more help and advice on cleaning your sculptures, please contact us here.

Head over to our online store and choose the perfect piece for you!

ocean spray 50cm giant bear sculpture




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