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Choosing Your Giant Bears Size: 50cm, 135cm, or 165cm?

Updated: Jan 22

Choosing your Giantbears size

In the world of designer toys, size doesn't just matter; it makes a statement. If you've been captivated by the artistic allure and craftsmanship of Giant Bears, you might find yourself pondering the next big question—what Giant Bear size is right for you? Whether you're looking for an intricate piece that compliments your office or a show-stopping centrepiece that elevates your living space, there's a Giant Bear size tailored for your needs. Let's dive in and explore the considerations for each size option.

The Petite and Chic 50cm Giant Bear

If you're stepping into the world of designer toys for the first time or have limited space, the 50cm Giant Bear is your go-to option. Here's why:

Giantbears 50cm

Easy to Place

Much like a smaller sculpture can be positioned on a hallway table to delight the eye, a 50cm Giant Bear can comfortably sit on a shelf, table, or even your office desk, adding a touch of artistic flair without overwhelming the space, and with our curated range of designs there is a Giant Bear for all themes and spaces.


The 50cm size allows you to easily switch up its location, keeping your décor fresh and engaging.


Being the smallest of the lot, this Giant Bear size is also the most budget-friendly, making it a great entry point into the realm of high-end collectibles.

The Statement-Maker: 135cm Giant Bear

The 135cm Giantbear

A Conversation Starter

Standing at 135cm, this Giant Bear size isn't just a collectible; it's a conversation starter. Place it in your living room or a dedicated gallery space, and it's sure to draw attention.

Artistic Detail

The larger size allows for more intricate details to shine through, making each Giant Bear a unique masterpiece.

Investment Potential

Given its imposing presence and detailed artistry, this size often appreciates in value significantly, offering not just aesthetic but also financial rewards.

The Showstopper: 165cm Giant Bear

The show stopping 165cm Giantbear

The Centrepiece of the Room

This is the Giant Bear size that doesn't just complement your space; it defines it. Perfect for large rooms, it can serve as the focal point around which all other elements are arranged.


Given its size and craftsmanship, the 165cm Giant Bear is often released in limited editions, making it a highly sought-after and exclusive item to own.

Emotional & Artistic Resonance

The sheer size of the figure allows for an emotional impact that smaller sizes can't match. It’s not just a toy or an art piece; it's an emotional experience.


Your choice of Giant Bear size isn't merely a question of space or budget—it's a reflection of you, your artistic taste, your lifestyle, and what makes you unique. From the petite but chic 50cm to the awe-inspiring 165cm, each Giant Bear size offers its own set of benefits and experiences. So, ponder what you seek from your designer toy experience, and make your pick. With Giant Bears, size doesn't just matter; it makes a statement.

Ready to make a decision? Visit our online shop to choose your ideal Giant Bear size and transform your space into an artistic haven. Use promo code 'BEARBACK5' for an exclusive discount on your first purchase. Your living space will thank you.



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