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Decorate Your Space: How to Style with a Giant Bear Sculpture

Updated: Jan 22

Art plays an essential role in breathing life into our living spaces. Whether it's a splash of colour on a wall, elegant dining table decor, or even a whimsical sculpture that catches the eye, these elements often make or break a room’s atmosphere. One surprising yet utterly captivating choice is to incorporate a Giant Bear Sculpture into your home's design. Below we dive into how to blend this bold statement piece into various styles— from a mid-century modern living room to contemporary dining rooms.

=How to style Giant Bears

Why Choose a Giant Bear Sculpture?

These sculptures are not your ordinary decorative pieces; they are designer toys turned functional art, perfect for the person looking to bring a unique aesthetic into their home. Their scale and design can instantly become the centrepiece of any room, replacing traditional dining table centrepieces or even serving as the primary piece of wall art for an office.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room: A Perfect Pair

One might not immediately think of placing a giant bear sculpture in a mid-century modern living room, but as it turns out adding a statement piece like a Giant Bears sculpture can create a breathtaking focus. The mid-century furniture's clean lines and functional forms provide a harmonious backdrop for the playful and imposing bear figure. When positioned thoughtfully, the sculpture can engage in a dialogue with other design elements like wall colours and furniture choices, for example, if you have metals like copper in your living space a beautiful Rose gold piece would bring your room together like little else can.

Rose gold Giantbear

Revamping Dining Table Decor Ideas

Dining rooms can often feel stuck in tradition, usually dominated by customary dining table centrepieces like vases or candle arrangements. Introducing a giant bear sculpture in the dining area is a conversation starter and a way to infuse some whimsy into an often formal setting. Various dining table decor ideas could include a miniature Giantbears sculpture serving as the centrepiece or even a series of smaller versions leading toward the larger figure at the buffet table.

Dining table Giantbear

Modern Living Rooms: Art Meets Function

If your taste leans more towards modern living rooms, with their clean lines and minimalistic style, our Golden Solitude Bear sculpture could be the thing that takes it to the next level. Instead of common sculptures or photo frames, this piece adds a dash of unexpected yet captivating allure. Imagine it beside a contemporary couch, or even next to a sleek, modern media console, serving as a unique meeting point between functional design and artistic expression.

Golden Solitude Bear sculpture

Wall Art for Office: Dare to Be Different

Gone are the days when offices were limited to generic landscapes or motivational posters. A giant bear sculpture could be an incredible piece of wall art for the office when mounted on a sturdy base, adding creativity and sparking imagination in a workplace setting. If you aim for an avant-garde aesthetic, the Colour Shift Bear sculpture is as daring as it is elegant.

Colour Shift Bear sculpture

Designing Living Rooms for Cohesiveness

When designing living rooms, it's vital to think of the room as a whole. From dining table decor ideas to what goes on your bookshelves, every piece should feel like part of a larger narrative. A giant bear sculpture can serve as the missing link that ties your room together, be it in mid-century modern or contemporary living room styles.

Interior design ideas with Giantbears


Whether it’s breaking the monotony of a dining table centrepiece, adding pizzazz to modern living room designs, or serving as inspirational wall art for an office, a giant bear sculpture could be your answer to a vivid, fascinating, and conversation-provoking space. The trick is to consider the piece not just as a decorative item but as a functional part of your room's design narrative.

So, are you ready to take the plunge and make a bold statement with a giant bear sculpture? If so, browse the Giant Bears collection online and use the promo code 'BEARBACK5' for a limited-time discount on your first purchase. Your living space will thank you.



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