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Forty Two Creative Crochet Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

Updated: Jan 22

Put down your credit card and find the perfect homemade, customisable gifts to crochet for everyone you love!

When gift-giving season comes around (for birthdays, holidays, or just special occasions), it can be challenging to find something unique and exciting to give - especially if you’ve already gifted them a Giant bear sculpture from Giant Bears! Crochet is an incredibly versatile skill, so you might be wondering if there are gifts to crochet at home instead of buying.

You're in luck, as we have forty-two ideas for crochet gifts suitable for all times of the year, from classic and practical to unique and personalised!

Whether you've just learned to crochet or you're an experienced crocheter looking for a challenge, this list has a great selection of crochet gift ideas for friends, family, partners, and kids that will keep your crochet hook busy and happy! Put your relaxing hobby to great use by making fantastic crochet gifts for your loved ones and avoid the hefty shopping bills of the gift-giving season!

Our Top 10 Gifts to Crochet Yourself!

Classic and Essential Crochet Gift Ideas

Seeking some twists on classic and essential gifts to crochet?

A white happy birthday card with a crochet rainbow

1.Crochet Greeting Cards

Often a mandatory accompaniment to any present, why not make your greeting cards a little more special and unique with some crochet gift card ideas? Handcraft your own card for a loved one, or source a pre-made crochet gift such as a sweet Pocket Heart. There are so many crochet gift ideas for a friend’s birthday card out there, you can find a card to suit anyone

4 multicoloured crochet succulent plants

2.Crochet Flower Bouquets!

A bouquet of flowers is a quintessential present for the ages - and a perfect unique gift to crochet! Save money on buying expensive floral arrangements that wilt within a week and instead consider a gorgeous floral crochet gift that your loved one can keep in their hope for years to come! Find out their favourite flower - be it Spring Daffodils, Lavender, Roses and Tulips or even other plants like Cacti and Succulents - and purchase an incredible unique crochet gift or create it from scratch yourself!

A multicoloured giant bear sculpture

3.Teddy Bear Gifts to Crochet Or A Giant Bear Sculpture From Giant Bears

We know how precious your very own bear is, which is why we always recommend our handmade Sculptures from Giant Bears as a perfect gift! However, we also know how unique it is to be able to hand-craft and crochet a gift yourself - why not follow our guide to Crochet Your Own Teddy Bear to give to a friend or relative! Or if you already have your teddy sorted and are looking for more teddy-bear-themed gifts to crochet, why not take a look at these Teddy Bear Patterns for Rugs, Organisers, and Other Treats!

5 crochet photo frames, pink, green and orange

4.Crochet Photo Frames

Photo frames are a time-honoured gift because it says “here is a way to treasure your favourite memories - and put them on display!” However, buying a frame from a shop can feel like a quick, low-effort present - so why not create a super pretty personalised photo frame gift to crochet yourself? For extra points, print your favourite photo of your loved one and give this photo frame crochet gift pattern a try!

a pink crochet rug

5. Handmade Rug Gift to Crochet

If you’re looking for crochet gift ideas for friends who want to decorate their homes, consider hand making something to brighten up a barren floor! This multi-colour mandela style rug pattern is the perfect gift to crochet!

6.Wall Decor Crochet Gift Ideas

A present that fills an empty space on the wall is often truly appreciated. Abstract designs with neutral colour schemes like this final Multicolour Hill pattern can suit almost any household and are incredible crochet gifts for her or him. Whether you buy or make it yourself, a crochet gift of a landscape such as these Rolling Hills or Purple Sunset patterns can brighten up a home with a subtle artistic wall hanging.

a brown and pink crochet laptop case

7.Crochet Cases for

Laptops, iPads or Kindles

Practical and protective, a homemade case for a device can be the perfect crochet gift for her or him. Customise this laptop case pattern with the recipient’s favourite colours or add a design that appeals to what they like, and you are giving a crochet gift that they will want to keep long term, while also shielding their technology from day to day risks!

beige crochet table mats with a white dinner plate

8.Coaster and Table Mat Crochet Gift Ideas

Personally making a matching dinner set of placemats and coasters is a hugely generous crochet gift idea for friends. Your friend will likely appreciate the level of dedication it takes to learn how to crochet a gift that will be a classy long-term addition to their dinner table. Good to note that these coasters and placemats are machine-washable if any natural spills and accidents happen at the table!

a purple and lilac crochet steering wheel cover inside a car

9.Personalised Car Crochet Gift Ideas

It may be an unusual crochet gift idea for a friend, but many people like to decorate and customise their cars! Instead of a pair of lucky fluffy dice, why not crochet a gift that is well-suited to your friend’s interests and like this decorative strawberry pattern that can hang from their car mirror? Or maybe a unique seat belt and steering wheel cover? Brighten up your friend’s car journeys by giving a gift to crochet yourself!

easy plant hanger crochet pattern guide

10.Crochet Hanging Plant Holders

One popular crochet gift idea is a handmade colourful plant holder! Hanging plants are a great addition to a home and very simple to make when turning a home into a jungle!

Clothes and Accessories

Clothes are a timeless, essential gift to crochet because they are usually always in need - or at least always craved! Better yet, crochet gifts to make at home can out the middleman of harmful fast fashion brands and use eco-friendly materials! If you are a beginner, you may be worried about the skills and time needed to make a high quality crochet gift. But there are so many incredible, simple clothing and accessory crochet gifts to make for all skill levels that will appeal to friends and relatives, men or women!

11.Crochet Earrings

Earrings are beautiful, thoughtful presents and when they are handmade they become even more of a perfect crochet gift idea for her - or him! These fantastic Caribbean Wave Hoops and Spring Flair Earring Patterns come with helpful video tutorials to guide you as you crochet a gift for someone special! Whether your gift receiver likes to express themselves with Cherry Blossoms or Pizza Slices, earrings are a great gift to crochet!

12. Hat, Scarf and Gloves Gifts to Crochet

Cosy winter weather may just be leaving us, but crochet gifts of a new hat, scarf or pair of gloves can be a godsend when October comes faster than expected! Learn how to create a classic bobble hat or an adorable bear beanie with a simple video tutorial! Or if you want to give your crochet hook a rest, there are some incredible small businesses creating handmade crochet gift rainbow bobble hats and bear beanies for all ages!

One crochet gift idea for friends that they will be very grateful for is a new crocheted scarf - to stop them hunting for lost winter wear or spending money on a replacement! Keep your loved one’s hands warm in freezing temperatures with an easy Ringwood Glove crochet gift pattern, or this carefree crochet glove video tutorial!

smiling woman wearing a pink crochet jumper and a denim skirt

13. Sweater Weather Crochet Gifts

Sweaters and cardigans are classic gifts to crochet - but choosing the right colours and a unique, intricate design like a multi-colour heart jumper or a trendy patchwork cardigan can transform this crochet gift into a must-have winter wear! Or if you need crochet gift ideas for friends who like minimalistic sweater designs, try a simple yet pretty striped jumper pattern! And if your Giant Bear friend is looking a little bare, you can also crochet a gift of a sweater and personalise with Teddy Bear Names or initials!

14. Cosy Crochet Gift Socks

You might roll your eyes at the suggestion of giving socks as a gift, as it can be seen as a clueless, boring or even lazy present by the harshest of critics! But let’s be honest, socks are easily lost, prone to wearing down and gaining holes! We could always use a colourful new set, especially as a handmade gift to crochet yourself and show friends your affection!

6 images of brightly coloured and patterned striped crochet socks

Pick a thick, soft yarn, you can create a perfect pair of winter socks to keep feet toasty warm or a thin selection of pastel yarn to form a multi-colour masterpiece! Add some cute unique details to your crochet gift to personalise it and you have an excellent crochet gift idea for her or him! If you’re hunting for silly novelty presents, you can pick bizarre, creative ‘Shark Attacking My Foot’ sock patterns, a crochet gift idea for friends that is near guaranteed to make them laugh! Just note that crocheted socks aren’t as stretchy as knitted socks so it’s important to size up when measuring and making these socks for a specific person!

a brown crochet glasses case with a pair of black glasses inside

15.Crochet Glasses Case and Chain

If your friend is the type to always drop, lose or shatter their glasses on a regular basis, a glasses case may be the ideal crochet gift idea for her or him! Popular with gift receivers of all ages who like to accessorise wherever possible, a decorative flower crochet chain for glasses is a stylish solution to misplacing glasses or losing them when on the move! A crochet glasses case is a neat little crochet gift idea for keeping glasses clean, protected and scratch-free. Quick, easy and practical - these crochet gifts may be in high demand as we cross into sunglass season!

16. Summer Crop Top Gift to Crochet

You might not think wool and yarn clothing are very suited to hot weather - but you’d be wrong! What is great about crop top gifts to crochet yourself is that they can come in so many different styles! Halter necks, bralettes, ruched tank tops or scallop necklines - if you know what she likes, these patterns are an easy and beautiful crochet gift idea for her whether she’s holidaying on the beach or having picnics in the sun!

17. Bow Ties

A bow tie is a very sweet, novelty crochet gift to make for the men, women, children, or even fluffy pets in your life! A small and quick gift to crochet, bow ties can be made in any colour and accompany a variety of outfits! Wear a crocheted handmade bow tie with semi-formal attire for an intriguing, unique evening look!

For special occasions, some pet owners may even like to clip a crochet bow tie onto your cat or dog’s collar - just be cautious when making crochet gifts for animals as you need to ensure they are safe! A crocheted collar, for example, wouldn’t be a secure or advisable full-time collar for dog walking as it may become caught and tangled on branches or it could tear and let your dog loose unexpectedly! Crochet gift pet accessories should be introduced carefully for indoor use with pet owner supervision - and if your pet politely declines to wear crochet gift accessories, make sure to respect their wishes! Remember, your Giant Bear Sculpture will be grateful and excited to wear whatever bow tie you make if this crochet gift idea isn’t appreciated by other furry friends!

18. Crochet Hair Accessories

There are so many pretty crochet gifts to make when your friends are in need of new accessories to style their hair! These patterns for crochet gift headbands and pretty hair clips and scrunchies are absolutely irresistible!

And if you crave some more detailed, int