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Giant Bears' Top 10 Picks: Art pieces for Dining Rooms

Updated: Jan 19

The dining room holds a special place in our homes, arguably being one of the most utilised spaces. It's more than just a place to eat; it's where we gather for family meals, entertain guests, celebrate milestones, and even occasionally double as a workspace or study area. This multifunctional nature demands thoughtful interior design, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal, the right piece of art can accentuate any dining room.

a family dining room in a house

The right art and decor can transform a dining room from merely a functional area to a warm, inviting space that reflects your personal style and enhances the daily experiences of all who gather there. Given its central role in the home, investing in the dining room's design is not just about creating a beautiful space, but about enriching the quality of everyday life within your home.

We've curated a list of 10 stunning pieces, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and personality to your dining area. From the contemporary flair of Giant Bears sculptures to diverse artworks, there's something for every style and age. So, let's dive in and find the perfect art piece to transform your dining space!

Giant Bears Top 10 Art Pieces for Dining Rooms;

1. Giant Bears Sculpture - 'Ocean Spray'

 Our top pick is our very own 'Ocean Spray' sculpture . This 50cm tall piece is a blend of white, gold, and blue hues, resembling the majestic ocean. Constructed from premium-quality resin resembling marble, Ocean Spray ensures a graceful presence that lasts for years, maintaining its rich colours and unique texture. It offers a luxurious touch to any dining room. Available at Giant Bears, this sculpture is priced just under £150, and its serene colors make it suitable for all ages.

an abstract acrylic landscape painting

2. Acrylic Artwork

'A Perfect Storm IV' is an acrylic and mixed media piece created by Maxine Martin, a Cornwall based impressionist painter and potter. Measuring 76.2cm x 61cm, it's a vibrant addition to any dining area. The swirling colors and dynamic texture bring energy to meal times and will be a great conversation starter amoungst your guests. Priced at £495, it's available on Art2Arts.

a map of Great Britain which resembles a rich tea biscuit

3. Contemporary Wall Art - 'Taking the Biscuit'

'Taking the Biscuit', a contemporary wall art ideal for dining rooms. It is a framed ceramic map of Great Britain in the style of the much loved Rich Tea Biscuits! Created by artist Simon Shepherd, and limited to just 25 pieces, it's a real show stopper! Available in 40x50cm, this piece costs £850 and can be found at Art Republic.

a silver coloured swirly sculpture on a mantel piece

4. Sculptural Elegance - 'Silver Swirl'

This Cortez Chrome Sculpture from Dunelm is a simply stunning. It boasts a captivating swirl design, whilst the sleek chrome finish adds a touch of sophistication. Crafted from sturdy metal, the Cortez Chrome Sculpture's durable construction ensures longevity.

Elevate your space with this remarkable sculpture that becomes the centrepiece of any dining room; its sleek design makes it a perfect addition to modern interiors, creating a sense of elegance. It stands at 36cm high, is priced at £30 and can be purchased from Dunelm.

a large bronze sculpture of a labrador dog

5. Ceramic Ornament - 'Digby Dog' 

Add a rustic touch to your interior decor with 'Digby Dog', a bronze sculpture perfect for guarding any dining room. Digby stands at a massive 73.50cm tall and we are sure he will be a real conversation starter in your dining room, between children and adults alike! We can just picture him on Christmas Day complete with a tinsel collar and a santa hat! This wonderful sculpture is currently on sale with prices starting at £170 on Cousins Furniture.

6. Rose Gold Bear Sculpture - Giant Bears 

From Giant Bears, our Rose Gold Bear Sculpture brings a classic feel to modern dining spaces. Bathed in a delicate rose gold finish, this bear adds warmth, elegance, and a hint of romance to any space. With its soft, reflective surface and timeless beauty, it's perfect for anyone looking to infuse their space with a gentle sophistication. Its shimmering finish is a soft reminder of a blush sunset or a blooming rose. This piece is available in either 135cm or 50cm tall, it's made of durable resin and is prices start at £99. Find it on our website at Giant Bears.

an abstract landscape canvas artwork

7. Landscape Canvas - 'Great British Countryside' 

Experience the tranquility of nature with 'Great British Countryside', This head turning acrylic landscape painting by Irina Rumyantseva evokes the tranquil beauty of the British countryside in stunning detail. The focal point of the scene are the distinctive english houses and a large flock of sheep that occupy the fields, their woolly coats dotted around the fields. Measuring 101cm x 101cm, it's priced at £1,495 and is available at Art2Arts.

an abstract sculpture, in red brown and white

8. Abstract Art - 'Rising' 

'Rising' is a sculpture by Alison Wilding. From a limited edition of 35, this was inspired by a radio play about the scientists who were working on the first atomic pile in 1942. In conditions of high security and extreme secrecy, the pile was constructed in a disused squash court in Stagg Field on the University of Chicago campus.

The piece measures 16x12cm and it is priced at £3,950 and can be found on Art Republic.

a blue iridescent butterfly glass artwork

9. Glass Artwork - 'Lucky Butterfly' 

'Lucky Butterfly' is a stunning glass artwork. The poetic contours highlight Baccarat’s signature craftsmanship. Placed anywhere in the home, the Baccarat Lucky Butterfly elicits a sense of momentum and graceful élan. Designed for Baccarat by Evelyne Julienne, this fascinating creature comes in a wide variety of available hues including: blue, peony, ruby red, amber, turquoise blue crystal, black, gold, purple, blue scarab and clear iridescent crystal. This piece is a tiny 6.5cm tall, but a flock of them on your dinging room wall would look breathtaking! Prices strart at £150.

a neon pink bust sculpture with pop art style writing and drawing

10. Pop Art Sculpture

 Lastly, Etsy has a huge collection of modern Pop Art sculptures, such as this Neon Art Bust. They art a perfect statement piece for your dining room decor and will make a great attention grabbing conversation start amongst your dinner party guests! This particilar sculpture is priced at £288 and can be purchased from the Etsy sellers store.

Whether you prefer a classic sculpture from Giant Bears or a vibrant canvas piece, our top 10 picks for dining room art are sure to captivate and inspire. Each piece has been chosen for its unique charm and ability to enhance your dining experience. Explore these options and find the perfect artwork to reflect your style and bring joy to your dining space! Don't forget to take a look at our online store, where we have a huge array of colours and sizes to suit any dining rooms needs! If you're keen to learn more about our story visit our About Us page and make sure to read some of our other informative blog posts too!



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