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Nine Things to Consider Before Buying a Costco Giant Teddy

Comparing Giant Bears and Costco's Giant Teddy: Make the Right Choice

Dive into our detailed comparison between Giant Bears and Costco's giant teddy, and discover why choosing the right bear matters.

Gold Bear

The comparisons between Costco giant teddy bears and Giant Bears prove that being mainstream does not always mean superior craftsmanship. Dive into our top five comparisons when selecting between the giant teddies from Costco and the meticulously crafted Giant Bears.

The Art of Size: Costco vs. Giant Bears

Costco's giant teddy bear, boasting a height of over 2m, has its appeal. However, Giant Bears provides a unique opportunity to blend tradition with innovation, offering sculptures that are more than just a decor piece. When you choose Giant Bears, you're not just selecting a product; you're investing in artistry.



Giant Bears


Height 236cm

Exquisite size variations for decor


Synthetic polyester fabric

Premium, eco-friendly, recyclable materials


Harmful production

Prioritizing longevity and minimal impact


Limited colours and size

Intricate hand-painting, bespoke designs


Manufactured in China

Handcrafted by skilled artisans



Dependent on design and customisation


​One of many products, often out of stock

Specialises in handcrafted bear sculptures


Vacuum packed

Safely packed with a touch of luxury


​Satisfaction guarantee

Quality-checked rigorously

Material Matters: What's Inside?

While a Costco plush bear uses synthetic polyester, Giant Bears prides itself on sourcing eco-friendly and recyclable materials. Each sculpture resonates with unparalleled elegance and individuality, ensuring longevity and minimal environmental impact.

A selection of bear sculptures

Sustainability: Crafting with Care

The use of synthetic materials by Costco bears has undeniable environmental consequences. In contrast, Giant Bears stands committed to the planet, crafting each bear with minimal environmental impact, emphasizing sustainable practices.

Customisation: Make It Yours

Costco provides limited customisation, while Giant Bears offer a myriad of options, right from the intricate hand-painting to the overall design. Dive deeper into their product page to explore the art of possibilities.

Production: Where Does It Come From?

Costco teddies hail from China, but Giant Bears' journey begins from a dream to a tangible sculpture. Designed with passion and brought to life by skilled artisans, every Giant Bear is a testament to unmatched craftsmanship.

Value for Money: What's Worth It?

While the base cost of a Costco teddy might seem appealing, Giant Bears offers sculptures that are timeless, ensuring you own a legacy. Every penny spent guarantees you a piece that resonates with art and history.

Expertise: The Art of Specialisation

While Costco's plush bears are just a fraction of their vast product range, Giant Bears specializes in bear sculptures, ensuring that every piece is a masterpiece.

Packaging: The First Impression

Costco might offer vacuum-packed bears, but Giant Bears ensures that every sculpture is safely packed, preserving its elegance and charm.

Guarantee: A Promise of Quality

Costco's satisfaction guarantee might be reassuring, but Giant Bears' commitment to quality is unparalleled. Each sculpture is rigorously checked, ensuring you own more than just decor – you own a legacy.

The distinctions between a Costco teddy and a sculpture from Giant Bears are evident. Whether it's the artistry, materials, or sustainability, we've covered every aspect to guide your decision.

As you embark on this artistic journey, explore more about the inception and revolution of Giant Bears and connect with them on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates.



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