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Ten Heartfelt Gift Ideas To Make Your Baby’s First Christmas Magical

Updated: Jan 22

Make memories that your new baby can treasure forever with Giant Bear sculptures, night lights and time capsules this Christmas!

A bear sculpture dressed up a santa costume

In amongst the usual preparation for the festive season, this year you might be wondering: ‘‘How do I make my first Christmas with my baby extra special and memorable?” Your baby may not remember these festivities when they are older, but these personal mementos can show your child the joy that was shared on my first Christmas ever.

Don’t forget, this list doesn’t just apply specifically to gifts for your baby! You and your partner have likely had a tiring yet rewarding start to your journey as parents and you deserve to congratulate yourselves on the little one you adore this holiday season.

Time with your baby is precious, so here’s a quick list of our favourite ideas to commemorate any baby’s first Christmas;

This list is also perfect if you are looking for ways to get the whole family involved in celebrating and sharing these baby’s first Christmas gifts. Whether you are a doting relative or a loving friend of the parents, our list is brimming with sentimental ideas to help you celebrate one special baby’s first Christmas in the world.

a bear sculpture in a santa hat and scarf

1.Christmas Bear Sculpture from Giant Bears

A meticulously crafted bear sculpture is an elegant and timeless addition to your baby’s first Christmas celebrations. These life-sized sculptures, carved from high-quality materials, stand as a majestic centrepiece for your holiday decor, symbolising the strength and protection you offer your child. With its unparalleled craftsmanship, it promises to remain a family heirloom, passed down through generations. Giant Bears' assurance on quality ensures that its grandeur remains intact for many Christmases to come.

a baby with a Christmas Eve box

2. My First Christmas Eve Box

This gorgeous, illustrated and customisable My First Christmas Eve Box from The Laser Boutique is an incredible gift that keeps your child’s Christmas Eve feeling special for years to come. Start a festive family tradition and pack your Baby’s first Christmas gift box with new pyjamas, cookies, carrots, or an early gift to be opened on Christmas Eve. Or create a time capsule as a safe place to store your baby’s first Christmas outfit, shoes, toys or even their handwritten letters to Santa!

Best of all, keep a photo album inside and add a festive photo and a caring Christmas message for your little one every year as they grow. Imagine surprising your child on their eighteenth Christmas Eve with all the festive memories you have made together.

A family wearing Christmas jumpers

3. My First Christmas Outfit

Nothing completes those special first Christmas photos of your baby in front of the tree like a perfect festive outfit. Your infant may still be restless, still drooling and unable to last a few minutes in one set of clothes, but your baby’s first Christmas outfit can still be festive and exciting! Studio has a line of Christmas Bear Jumpers for the whole family to take an incredible Christmas card photo!

And we’re not saying you should get one specially for your Giant Bear Sculpture but it would make your baby’s first Christmas bear look very dashing. No matter if they ruin their first Christmas outfit when tearing up wrapping paper or having Christmas dinner, make sure you keep your little one’s first dress or onesie safe! One day you’ll see it put a smile on your grown child’s face when they find ‘my first Christmas outfit’ tucked away with other treasured memories.

A baby's first Christmas bauble

4. Baby’s First Teddy Bear Christmas Ornaments

One heartfelt way to commemorate your baby’s first Christmas is to gift your baby their first ever bauble for your tree. This sweet teddy bear Christmas ornament from Not On The Highstreet can be personalised with your baby’s name as a gift for your baby or as a special addition to your relatives’ Christmas ornaments. A pretty bauble like this transforms your tree into the perfect teddy bear Christmas tree - especially if one of our Bears is guarding your baby’s first Christmas gifts under the tree!

A children's Christmas dinner plate

5. My First Christmas Dinner Plate

Christmas Day is going to be full of firsts for your baby. First time being cuddled and asked silly questions by family members! First Christmas being scared by the sound crackers make! And their first Christmas dinner - even if their dinner is from a jar rather than the oven - should be remembered. There are so many gorgeous personalised plates to choose from when looking for ‘My First Christmas Dinner Plates’. However this creative design on Etsy teaches your little one the tradition of leaving carrots, cookies, milk and mince pies for Santa and his reindeer. A gift like this may have your child asking for my first Christmas dinner plate every December, not just on Christmas Day!

A penguin rocking horse

6. A Festive Penguin Rocking horse

It can be hard picking toys for your baby’s first Christmas gifts. Babies grow so fast, discarding clothes and baby furniture in months, so you might be looking for something your baby will keep not just for their first Christmas but forever. Your baby’s personality will only just be starting to shine through so it can be hard to predict what gifts will be enjoyed by your child for years to come. While your baby will be too small for active play during their first Christmas, rocking horses are timeless toys as they are endlessly entertaining once your baby is on their feet. Not to mention, they come in fantastic festive designs like Ryman’s Penguin Rocking Horse. However, if you are looking for toys that are stimulating and ready for your new baby to play with on their first Christmas, Giant Bears have a number of recommendations for choosing the right toys for your toddler.

A multicoloured advent calendar in the shape of a house

7. Christmas Advent Calendar House

Nothing helps your little one countdown the days to their first Christmas like an advent calendar. Specialising in Baby’s First Christmas gifts, My1stYears has a colourful Christmas Advent Calendar House that can be kept throughout your baby’s childhood. The convenient little boxes allow you to give your child treats that suit their age and personality as they grow. You don’t have to just put daily chocolates inside! Leave your child cheerful notes or promise fun activities to do together each day of December, like ‘my first Christmas trip to see Santa!’. Best of all, you could save some money buying yearly disposable advent calendars (although it won’t stop your little one begging for a chocolate calendar at the supermarket every year. Good luck!)

Maybe when they are all grown up, your son or daughter will keep this advent calendar for their own baby’s first Christmas gift!

2 Christmas stockings with names on, one pink one blue

8. Baby’s First Christmas Bear Stockings

It’s a joyous thing to see your baby’s first Christmas bear stocking joining the family stockings on the mantelpiece. Your new child will soon share the Christmas morning excitement of rushing downstairs, only allowed to open stocking presents while waiting for the grown ups to wake up. We suggest this ‘My first Christmas teddy bear stocking’ from Always Personal for a range of customisable and cute designs suitable for the whole family! Remember, you could even turn stocking presents into your family’s version of secret santa if you feel overwhelmed by the idea of buying stocking fillers for your children and family!

A Christmas night light with a lit bulb

9. A Personalised Christmas Tree Night light

Your baby’s first Christmas might be a sleepless night for everyone, as one year olds rarely sleep through without waking up. In fact, your little one (like many children) may have a few sleepless Christmas nights ahead afraid of the dark or too excited to catch a glimpse of Santa.This is why we suggest a ‘Personalised Christmas Tree Lamp’ from My Moon Lamp as one of your Baby’s first Christmas gifts to help soothe your child to sleep. Best of all, this lamp is covered in customisable family photos, making it a fantastic present for all the family to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas.

A personalised Christmas story book with a baby and a gift on the front cover

10. Baby’s First Christmas Bedtime Story

Why not end your baby’s first Christmas with a special moment together winding down before bed?

Try reading your baby a beautiful story all about ‘My First Christmas’ from Letterfest. Featuring cute illustrations resembling your baby and customisable pages about your child’s favourite food, this personalised storybook is an incredible option to consider for your baby’s first Christmas gift. This present will undoubtedly be your child’s new favourite bedtime story as they grow up and will eventually become the sentimental gift they treasure in adulthood. What a beautiful way to commemorate your baby’s first Christmas ‘silent night’ with you.

From Christmas bear jumpers, teddy bear Christmas trees and rocking horses, we hope we have given you ideas for where to start when creating a perfect first Christmas with your new baby.

We truly think it is something special to be gifted a companion and would be honoured if our Bear Sculpture was chosen for your baby’s first Christmas bear, to protect your little one as they grow.

We tried to keep this list gender neutral, but if you’re searching specifically for Christmas Gifts for Girls or Gifts for Kids or even adult family members, we have suggestions for you.

And last of all, while you are thinking about how to make precious memories of your baby's first Christmas, remember to treat yourself too. You just completed your first few months as a parent to a wonderful little baby! Be kind to yourself and make sure to plan a little relaxing time just for you this holiday season.

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