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What to call your Giant Bear: an A-Z list of bear names

Updated: Jan 22

Looking for the perfect name for your bear? Check out our A-Z list of the cutest names for your Giant Bear.

a purple and blue giant bear

The importance of bear names

If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that we all love our teddy bears. There’s nothing quite like the sense of joy and comfort that our furry companions bring to us. But what exactly is it that makes them so special? Is it their cuddly bellies? The adorable eyes? Those loveable button noses? Or could it be the cute and comforting teddy bear names we give them?

Just like their owners, every bear is a truly unique soul. So it’s only right that your bear name reflects who they are and just how special they are to you. We love to name bears carefully and put a lot of thought into them - but if you haven’t got the time to sit and think, we’re here to help with a list of teddy bear names for your new best friend.

How do you name your giant bear?

First, you’ve got to examine your bear. Do they seem like a traditional or modern fellow? Maybe there’s a distinctive feature that can inspire some cute bear names, like a bow design or paw colour? Try to notice their best features.

Here at Giant Bear, we know a thing or two about names for bears, and so to help get the ball rolling when it comes to choosing the perfect name for yours, we’ve put together a list of cute bear names to give you some inspiration.

Our list of good bear names

To make the quest for your perfect bear name a little easier, we’ve compiled a quick A-Z of names, so you can get thinking.

A - Auburn: The perfect teddy name for a bear that’s a beautiful shade of rusty brown!

B - Binky: Just because it’s so darn cute to say…

C - Chubby: If your furry friend is a little on the plump side, this is the perfect bear name for them!

D - Dobby: The perfect teddy name for any Harry Potter fans out there.

E - Einstein: We love to name bears after our heroes. If your bear looks like a clever little chap then why not name him after the brainiest guy around?

F - Fuzzy: A perfect teddy name for those bears with extra fuzzy floof!

G - Gizmo: Does your bear look kind of like a cute Gremlin? If so, it’s got to be called Gizmo!

H - Huggle: A cute teddy bear name that sounds as huggable and snuggable as your teddy bear itself.

I - Itsie: Is yours an itsie bitsie tiny teddy bear? If so, this is the perfect teddy name for your miniature furry pal.

J - Jaffa: The best teddy name for a cuddly friend with orange fur. Or for anyone who just really loves Jaffa Cakes…

K - Koko: Just because we said so so!

L - Love Bug: The cutest of all bear names if you’re gifting to a special someone to show how much you love them.

M - Marshmallow: Soft, fluffy and sweet - just like your teddy bear!

N - Nugget: An adorable teddy name for your little lump of cuddly fluff.

O - Oakley: This one sounds like a very distinguished gentleman, wouldn’t you agree?!

P - Pinky: Perfect for those pink bear lovers out there. Yep, giant pink teddy bears exist!

Q - Queenie: Is your ted the queen of your heart? Well then, make it official with a regal teddy name like this!

R - Rusty: The cutest of cute teddy bear names those teds that are a dark orangey colour

S - Squishy: Squishy by name, squishy by nature!

T - Tufty: The best teddy name for those bears with a tuft of fluff on the top of their cute heads!

U - Ulysses: One for you classic bookworms out there…

V - Valentine: Looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift for her? Why not name him after the patron saint of love himself !

W - Winkle: Or maybe even Mister or Mrs Winkle? Again, for no other reason other than this teddy name = absolute cuteness!

X - Xavier: Want your bear name to be totally unique? We gotchu!

Y - Yogi: The most iconic of all teddy bear names, taken straight from the classic cartoon.

Z - Ziggy: The grooviest teddy name around for those bears who give off a little bit of rockstar energy!

black stone 50cm giant bear sculpture

So as you can see, there’s a heck of a lot of choices when it comes to cute names for bears, and we hope we’ve given you some adorable inspiration. Looking for some specific teddy bear names for girls or boy teddy bear names? Check out our extra list below of some of the most popular teddy names for boy bears and girls:

Top 5 bear names for boys

Top 5 bear names for girls











So there you have it! Our ultimate list of bear names. Luckily, selecting the perfect bear from our collection of giant bears here at Giant Bear isn’t as hard as picking out cute bear names. Our online store lets you browse from bears of all colours and sizes.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our amazing online store today to find the perfect bear for you or a loved one.




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