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Ideas for Valentine’s Day at home

Updated: Jan 22

We’ve got you covered with our list of at home Valentine’s Day ideas that might just make this year the best Valentine’s Day yet.

A pink helium, heart shaped balloon

Wondering what to do on Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you!

Fancy some real quality time together on February 14th this year? Well, we’ve got you covered with our amorous Valentine’s ideas at home. Yep, we’ve put together a list of at home Valentine’s Day ideas that might just make this year the best Valentine’s Day yet. At Giant Bear, we’re spreading the word that staying in is the new going out, and just because you’re home instead of a fancy schmancy restaurant, doesn’t mean there has to be a shortage of things to do on Valentine’s Day!

Let’s face it, we’ve all been feeling the pinch lately. So it’s no wonder that more and more couples are thinking about at home Valentine’s Day ideas this year, so we can all save some extra pennies for those rainy days. And trust us when we say there are plenty of Valentine's night in ideas that don’t have to mean you guys miss out on a minute of romance or fun.

You never know, you might enjoy being home on Valentine’s so much, you make it a brand new couples tradition! So, here are our top five best ideas for Valentine’s at home that are sure to set your heart aflutter.

a multi coloured Giant Bear with flowers

1.Embrace elegance with a sculpture from Giant Bear

When it comes to unique Valentine’s Day ideas, nothing stands out quite like gifting a timeless piece from Giant Bear. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and what better way to express your enduring affection than by presenting your loved one with a magnificent Giant Bear sculpture? These artful creations embody the essence of timeless devotion and are a testament to the lasting bond you share. While traditional Valentine's plans might involve dinners or movie nights, this year, elevate the experience. Imagine the joy of unveiling a beautifully crafted piece that not only enhances the ambiance of your shared space but also serves as a daily reminder of your deep connection. Dive into our collection and find that perfect symbol of love for this Valentine’s Day.

2. The couple who cooks together…

If food is the way to your honey's heart then coming together to make your joint favourite dish is one of the very best ideas for Valentine’s at home! There are simply loads of things to do at home for Valentine’s Day that can be enjoyed in your very own kitchen. Whether it’s serving up your partner's favourite breakfast in bed as a sweet surprise - or maybe even doing a cook-off challenge (if you guys are a couple who enjoy a bit of healthy competition!) There are plenty of different cute cooking things to do at home for Valentine’s Day that don’t have to involve the boring old strawberries and chocolate cliche! Not in the mood to clean up the kitchen? Order takeout from one of your favourite restaurants near you (you can't go wrong with a heart-shaped pizza…)

a young couple putting face masks on each other

3. Create an at-home pamper experience

What was once considered a luxury has now become one of the easiest and cheapest things to do on Valentine’s Day. If you can’t make it to an actual spa then there’s no reason at all that you can’t turn your lounge or bathtub into a home spa of your own! Forget fancy facials, with the help of moisturising sheet masks and gorgeous smelling bath bombs - you can create an at-home pamper experience that you can both enjoy. You can even get matching fluffy dressing gowns for the occasion if you want to go all-out! This is definitely one of those ideas for Valentine’s at home that you’ll be thrilled you did the next day when you wake up super relaxed and zen. Well, it beats waking up with a hangover after drinking too much bubbly at your local restaurant, doesn’t it?!

a white background with arts and crafts items

4. Get cute with some crafts

Looking for things to do on Valentine’s Day that are a little more outside the box? Well, it’s never easy to try something new as an adult, but the thing is – you’re never too old to start crafting. It’s time to embrace Valentine’s ideas at home, instead of heading out to the movies or on that double Valentine’s date you regret agreeing to. So how about staying in with your partner and getting your hands dirty instead? We’re talking of course about bonding through getting creative over some paints or drawing! And did you know that at home Valentine’s Day ideas that involve being creative together might even be good for your relationship? According to an article in the American magazine, the Wall Street Journal, couples who share hobbies and spend time doing creative activities together are happier than couples who don't. Activities like crafts release chemicals in your brain that make your brain shoot off happy signals, in much the same way that falling in love does! How cute. Oh and as a bonus, with at home Valentine’s Day ideas as fun as this one, you’ll also create memories and keep your relationship interesting. A surprisingly great option with loads of benefits when it comes to Valentine’s ideas at home, if you ask us…

a couple pointing at a starry sky at night

5. Gaze at the stars in your own backyard

We think this is one of our cutest ideas for Valentine’s at home and the perfect way to round off a wonderfully romantic night at home. Why not grab a bunch of blankets and jumpers and get super cosy outside in the backyard or garden to take in the wonders of the night sky together? If you’re wondering what to do on Valentine’s Day - this is an option that won’t cost a penny but will certainly feel like a priceless memory. Why not pop on a cute playlist of songs you both love to set the soundtrack to your evening under the constellations for some extra romance? As far as Valentine’s night in ideas go, we think this one is pretty darn special.

Why is a sculpture from Giant Bear the best Valentine’s gift for your partner?

Venturing onto the high street or browsing online shops reveals a plethora of options for Valentine’s Day. Yet, amid this vast selection, many gifts can feel clichéd—after all, there are only so many chocolates and bouquets one can appreciate. For those seeking unique and memorable at-home Valentine’s Day ideas, the quest for something both simple and profoundly thoughtful becomes paramount.

At Giant Bear, we champion elegance and timeless sentiment. We believe that one of the most romantic gestures to elevate your Valentine’s evening is gifting a meticulously crafted Giant Bear sculpture. Such a gift not only serves as a stunning art piece but also symbolises enduring love and devotion. Every time your partner admires the sculpture, they'll be reminded of the deep bond you share and the special Valentine's moment you created together.

Why hesitate? Explore our expansive online store today to find that perfect Giant Bear sculpture for your loved one. Our collection boasts various designs, ensuring that everyone finds a piece that resonates with their aesthetic and sentiment.

We trust that our curated Valentine’s at-home ideas have inspired you. Stay connected with our blog for more insightful content and, naturally, all things related to the artistry of Giant Bear.



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