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How to Create a Cosy Home Office: Boost Productivity with Unique Decor

Transforming a corner or room of your home into a cosy office doesn't require magic or a hefty budget. It's all about making smart choices that reflect your style, meet your needs, and create a space where productivity blooms. From the perfect spot to set up your desk to integrating unique decor like Giant Bears' sculptures, let's explore how to craft your ideal workspace.

a woman walking in a stylish home next to a giant bears sculpture

Finding the Ideal Spot for Your Cosy Home Office

The best place to put a home office? Think light, think quiet. A spot near a window can offer natural light that boosts your mood and energy levels. But, if your home is bustling, consider a quieter room or corner where focus comes naturally. Whether it's a dedicated room or a snug nook, the right place can make all the difference. If you are lucky enough to have the space, try to position your office in a different room to the room you relax in, this gives you chance to switch off from work at weekends and days off without distractions.

a black stone giant bears sculpture in a modern minimal home

Setting Up a Budget-Friendly Workspace

You don't need to break the bank to set up a cheap home office. Start with what you have — a sturdy table, a comfortable chair, and essential tech. Hunt for deals or repurpose furniture to fit your needs. Remember, a clean and clutter-free desk fosters clarity and creativity.

a modern minimal desk with a lamp

If you have a larger budget and you're looking to purchase a new desk, ensure it matches the rest of your room, this will avoid over cluttering your office. Whether you pick a rustic reclaimed wooden desk or a minimal, clean and aesthetic, modern desk think about where it will be situated and what other furniture will be surrounding it.

a colour shift giant bear sculpture next to a potted plant

Making the Most of Limited Space

Limited on space? No problem. Building a cosy home office in a limited space is all about being resourceful. Convert a cupboard into a compact office, or invest in fold-down desks and wall-mounted shelves. Every inch counts, so think vertical for storage and keep your setup efficient and tidy. If you're looking for a new compact set up then be sure to take a look at IKEA, here you can find great ideas for office and storage to fit in any sized room!

Decorating Your Cosy Home Office Walls

Decorating a wall in your home office can instantly uplift the space. Hang inspirational art, set up mood boards, or install open shelving to display books and personal treasures. If you're arty why not create a doodle wall where you can let your creativity flow!

a cosmic giant bear sculpture next to a blue globe

Creating a feature wall is perfect for adding personality to your cosy home office, add a vibrant paint colour or a patterned wallpaper that sparks joy and creativity. For some inspiration take a look at Cover Your Wall, they have some fantastic wall murals which will make you feel as though your sitting at the beach or in the middle of a forest! A perfect escape from reality.

Cosying Up with the Right Decor

a blue tartan armchair

Lounge Furniture for Relaxation

Don't forget to incorporate some comfortable lounge furniture for those moments when you need a coffee break anyway from your desk. A plush armchair or a small sofa can transform your office into a multifunctional space perfect for reading, brainstorming, or a change of scenery. Dunelm has plenty of options to suit every style and scheme. Just like this bright and bold armchair, take a look at the full range on their website here.

Soft Furnishings and Throws

Soft furnishings add warmth and texture to any room, perfect for making a cosy home office! Rugs, curtains, and throws not only enhance the cosiness but can also help with sound insulation — crucial for video calls and deep work sessions. One perk of working from home is the luxury of wrapping yourself in a fur throw between meetings! Take a look at the huge range available from Faux Fur Throws, you can also find sheepskin rugs, cowhide footstools and super soft cushions too!

a ose gold giant bear sculpture on a modern white desk

Desk Decor and Personal Touches

Personalise your desk with items that make you smile — photos, a quirky mug, a stylish lamp or a trendy pen holder. Giant Bears' figurines are perfect decor for a cosy home office. Our 50cm Bears look fantastic on a shelf or our Majestic Gorilla Statues are a real talking point by the side of your monitor, Giant Bears bring uniqueness and character to your workspace. Why not try positioning a large 165cm bear sculpture on the floor or a small 50cm chrome bear on some industrial shelves behind you to make the background for video calls more exciting!

a pop art giant bear gorilla sculpture in a modern home next to plants

The Importance of Plants and Natural Elements

Additionally, never underestimate the power of greenery. Plants not only help to purify the air but also reduce stress. Opt for some low-maintenance varieties or even stylish faux plants to enliven your office space. Large floor plants can be jazzed up in a decorative pot to match your colour scheme, or small desk top plants can be hung or placed to spill down the side of cabinets to make your home office feel cosy and zen.

a gold giant bear sculpture in a home

Enhancing Productivity and Peace

Creating a peaceful home office means minimising distractions and maximising comfort. Ensure your chair supports your posture, your monitor is at eye level, and your essentials are within easy reach. Have you ever considered a standing desk to help with blood flow and posture? FlexiSpot have a huge range of standing desks in different colours and styles. Don't forget to add a desk lamp or jazzy bulb to keep your set up well lit on those late nights working overtime! A peaceful colour palette, combined with strategic lighting, sets the stage for focused work.

Does a Cosy Home Office Add Value?

Yes, creating a cosy home office adds value to your home in the UK, both in terms of functionality and appeal. With more people embracing remote work, having a fully functional dedicated workspace is increasingly desirable amongst buyers and renters.

Positioning and Feng Shui Tips

Which side should you face in a home office? In a home office, facing north or east is said to increase productivity and bring in positive energy, according to Feng Shui. Keep your back to a wall for support, and ensure your setup encourages a clear flow of thought and movement.

2 giant bear sculptures outside a modern home with a lady walking in between

Blending Work and Rest

While integrating an office into your bedroom isn't ideal, it's sometimes necessary if you are short on space. Use room dividers or bookshelves to try and separate the work area, ensuring your rest space remains a sanctuary. Keep work-related items hidden in drawers or tucked away out of sights at the end of the day to maintain the peace of your personal retreat. If you have a dedicated room or space for your office, try to ensure you tidy your desk when you finish work and declutter ready for the the next morning. When you're done close the door on your office, this helps your mind unwind and switch off from work.

Incorporating Giant Bears' sculptures into your home office doesn't just add a touch of whimsy; it's a statement of your unique taste and a nod to the blend of art and functionality. Each sculpture, whether it be it a bear or gorilla, tells a story — of strength, creativity, and the boldness to be uniquely you.

a modern home office with a sofa and 2 giant bear gorilla sculptures

Discover Your Perfect Cosy Home Office Companion

Visit Giant Bears to explore the full range of our sculptures and find the perfect piece to complement your new cosy home office. From bear ornaments that whisper tales of the wild to gorilla statues that command attention, let these unusual ornaments inspire your space and your work.

a chrome gorilla sculpture from giant bear

How to decorate your home office extends beyond furniture and layout; it's about creating a space that embodies your personality, supports your work, and makes every day a little brighter. With Giant Bears, transform your office from just another room to a sanctuary of creativity and comfort. Be sure to take a look at our other handy blog posts for help choosing the perfect size sculpture and also help in picking a name for it too!



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