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The reasons why Teddy Bears and other stuffed animals for adults are fine

Updated: Jan 22

Teddy bears are not just for kids! They’re considered as a form of self-care, that hold sentimental value in our lives – but what do psychologists say about them?

A group of teddy bears

Teddy bears are meant just for kids; it is a myth. But we don’t adhere to it. These cuddly cute bears are undoubtedly the most loved and share a whole box of childhood memories with us, but their warmth and comfort are confined to only childhood; we disagree with it. You might have seen individuals roam around with their stuffed favourites wherever they go. Society considers such people with mental disorders. Do you also think so? If yes, then you need to read the whole article to clear the air.

Having plush toys (bears, cats, and others) doesn’t imply mental illness. You will be amazed to know that psychologists claim that teddy bears benefit children and adults. But you would be wondering how? We will throw light on it in this article.

When we say an adult with stuffed animals is not weird, it might make people frown. But having a teddy bear in adulthood is very normal. According to Prof Bruce Hood (University of Bristol), who has researched on “Our attachment to childhood toys,” says that it’s a pervasive notion to sleep or roam with teddies even in adulthood. It seems to be socially acceptable to people who tend to keep their teddy bears with them.

If a 2019 survey is believed, 44% of adults carried their childhood plush toys, and 34% of adults still take these toys with them to bed every night. It indicates that having a teddy bear with you is normal, and there is no awkwardness associated with adults who carry stuffed animals.

It is a matter that a stuffed animal obsession is not wrong as it has helped many individuals fight their loneliness, anxieties, and low self-esteem lately. Psychologists also believe that stuffed animals for adults indicate a sense of homely feeling, and snuggling up with a plush toy can be healing.

People consider the bear as a form of self-care as it holds a sentimental value in our lives. Remember the awful nights when you were emotionally vulnerable; these chubby creatures provided you with all the warmth and love you needed. Bears can also be proved the best gift for anyone dealing with insecurities, traumas, anxiety, and frustration. You don’t need the reasons to gift your loved one with a giant teddy. It is the best present for a woman and will let her feel cozy and loved when she is alone.

The contribution of teddy bears to noble causes can be witnessed by many charity events happening all around. One such event was held in the UK in August 2021 at Adoption matter’s Teddy Bears’ Picnic, where celebrities like John Thomson, Gail Porter supported the event where parents were invited along with children and their teddies to participate and have a wonderful time.

How Do Teddy Bears Support You Emotionally?

There is no second thought in saying that people do find their emotional support in teddy bears. Especially in the recent COVID times where people lack human contact, hugging a teddy bear and grieve, venting out all the stress and trauma can be therapeutic and comforting for individuals. Psychologists believe that sending a giant teddy bear to your loved one can result in a drastic improvement in their emotional wellbeing.

A young girl and her teddy bear wearing face maks

It is a fact that petting a companion like a dog or a cat reduces stress. It reduces the level of Cortisol (stress hormone) in the body, whose increased amount can cause problems like weight gain, coronary disease, etc. You would be amazed to know touching a stuffed animal can produce the same effects on the body. A stuffed animal for adults or kids acts as an anchor in turbulent water helps to deal with all the troubles, and enables to have a sense of companionship.

Psychologists also support stuffed animal therapy for all the individuals to channelize their emotions into a place where they can find belongingness and warmth. Soothing stuffed animals enhances the dopamine level by creating a sense of connection felt by the recipient. Thus, the emotional support of a stuffed animal can heal you mentally and strengthens your self-esteem.

So, don’t ponder much and present your loved ones with comforting and soothing stuffed animals. You can visit many stores and websites near you to buy a big teddy for men, kids or girls.

How Do Teddy Bears Comfort You?

You will agree that teddy bears are synonymous with comfort. According to Dr. Aniko Dunn, stuffed animals are recommended for people suffering from bipolar, PTSD, and other mental disorders. Security and a sense of protection can make any individual feel comfortable. The teddy bear proves to be a physically comforting element in people’s lives that aids in coping up with unfamiliar environments.

Sleeping with a teddy bear at 16 is an ordinary notion as it was in childhood. The adults who carry stuffed animals are sound, and they shouldn’t find it abnormal at all.

You might be wondering about the benefits of sleeping with a stuffed animal. Let us clear this –

  • Releases Oxytocin – When we cuddle anything super soft and comforting, it releases oxytocin, a hormone that calms and soothes our minds.

  • Ease loneliness – A teddy bear acts as a cushion in the hard days. It slashes the loneliness and alienation from our lives and fills the gap created by the lack of human interaction.

  • Improves mental health – Being a social animal, all we need is someone who can listen to us when we badly need it. Sharing and caring to heal the overall mental health and makes us sane. The same need is fulfilled by the teddy bear, which improves mental health.

  • Help us grieve – Grieving is an implicit part of being a human. Teddy bears us in grieving without any judgment and offers a constant source of comfort.

Now we hope you are clear about why adults should too have stuffed animals as their pals. Warmth, compassion, and comfort are not confined to only childhood but at every phase of our lives.

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