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Discover the Best Interior Designers Near You in London

Transform your living space into a reflection of your unique style and comfort with the help of some of London's top interior designers. This handy guide dives into the world of luxurious, personalised, and contemporary interior design, introducing you to some of the city's most innovative minds. Whether you're in the heart of London or the surrounding areas, finding "interior designers near me" has never been easier thanks to Giant Bears!

Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love." - Nate Berkus

a trendy interior design featuring 2 Giant Bear Gorilla Sculptures

Enhance Your Space with Giant Bears' Unique Sculptures

a lady drinking from a glass next to a Chrome Giant Bear Sculpture

Before we begin to explore the top designers in and around London, let's highlight an extraordinary element that could define your space: Giant Bears' distinctive bear and gorilla statues.

These impressive sculptures can add a unique touch to your home, blending art with interior design. Statues come in a range of sizes starting at 50cm and reaching right up to a whopping 1.65 meters!

All of our sculptures are exclusively handcrafted in the UK; these larger-than-life pieces are perfect for spacious interiors. Command attention in your beautiful interiors with these imposing, intricately designed centrepieces that resonate with unparalleled craftsmanship.

Visit our website at to discover how these magnificent pieces can elevate your interior design in London, and reflect your personal style.

Rose Gold 50cm Giant Bear Sculpture

Giant Bears' Top 8 Interior Design Firms in London

1. Catherine Wilman Interiors: Elegant and Personalised Designs

Catherine Wilman Interiors offers sophisticated, bespoke design solutions tailored to your individual needs. Specialising in both residential and commercial spaces throughout London, Catherine's team ensures that each and every project reflects the client's personality while emphasising comfort and luxury. Established in 2006, her Notting Hill-based design studio specialises in creating spaces that reflect the pinnacle of design excellence while also serving practical daily living needs. Below is one of Catherine Wilman's most recent stunning transformations.

Catherine Wilman Interior Design
Catherine Wilman Interior Design

2. Taylor Howes: Luxurious Living Spaces

Taylor Howes stands out in and around London for its luxurious interiors and personalised client service. Based in Knightsbridge, London they are known for their meticulous attention to detail and innovative designs, they transform spaces into elegant, functional homes that speak volumes of their inhabitants' styles. The firm prides itself on creating interiors that are not only beautiful but also comfortable and functional. They have a strong emphasis on bespoke solutions, ensuring each detail is tailor-made to meet the client’s needs and preferences.

Taylor Howes Interior Design
Taylor Howes Interior Design

3. Katherine Pooley: Timeless Elegance

Katherine Pooley's design firm is recognised for its distinctive style, combining luxury with meticulous detailing. The studio offers a comprehensive array of services from design conception to completion, ensuring each project reflects the client’s personality while incorporating innovative design elements. Pooley’s work is defined by its timelessness and attention to detail, making it ideal for clients in London who appreciate enduring elegance.

Katherine Pooley Interior Design
Katherine Pooley Interior Design

"The details are not the details; they make the design." - Charles Eames

Black & Milk Interior Design
Black & Milk Interior Design

4. Black & Milk: Contemporary Minimalism

Specialising in minimalist, contemporary designs, Black & Milk creates clear, functional, and elegantly simple living spaces. If you're a fan of modern aesthetics, this firm will likely resonate with your design preferences. Their approach is tailored to modern living, offering clients clean, organised spaces that are both stylish and practical. Black & Milk is a go-to for those who prefer modern, streamlined aesthetics in their living spaces.